Saturday, 15 August 2009

Geo Contact Lenses

I bought myself some geo contacts
They last for 1 year, and i find it easier!
Geo Contacts are from Korea

Black: 16mm

Angle Blue: Angel Grey:

Geo Lenses do so many other colours!~

(Left): Magic 2 Tones (Right): Magic 3 Tones

3 Tone Grey: 3 Tone Brown: 3 Tone Violet3 Tone Blue3 Tone Green
(Left): Angle Wing (Right): Nudy Quarter

Nudy Grey: Nudy Brown:
Nudy Violet:Nudy Blue:Nudy Green:

Magic Circle:


T-732 Starry Eyes:
T-731 Butterfly Eye


Animation: Only in -0.00

However there are fake Geo contacts out there!

Here are some tips on how to find them!
1) The Authentic Geo have that curve ontop of the G, fake ones only have GEO

2) Fake Vials dont have no code numbers/batch codes
3) Fake Vials dont have 'Made in Korea' on them

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