Wednesday, 10 February 2010

BodyShop Strawberry Lotion & Shower Gel

Strawberry Time!!!
These are the 2 mini strawberry Body Shop items i got!
First off I just want to say how cute these are! For their tiny size!^^!
60ml so perfect for travelling with!
Ok! So for the reviews!

The Strawberry Puree body lotion! I really wanted it to be more fruity rather than creamy, it makes me think of ichigo cakeee!!! Which I suppose is a good thing, though I prefer fruity smells that sweet & creamy. The colour isn't as pink as it looks TT^TT and reminds me of Strawberry Milkshake or Ice cream! =3 Doesn't smell exactly like strawberries, it's more of a creamy, milky strawberry. As for the texture, i love it because i hate cheap lotions that are sticky and takes forever sink into you skin. This lotion is great if you like it to quickly sink in. Doesn't leave any tint, but leaves a silky feel and a slight shimmer, but not glittery. I love it a lot but not enough to make it my favourite sorry x


Scent: 8/10

Texture: 9/10

Moisture: 8/10The Shower Gel! Now this one is more fruity than the lotion, where that one would be a Strawberry Milkshake this one would be a Strawberry Smoothie, or Strawberry Jam! It's very runny and i had much trouble trying to keep it on my hand whilst taking the photo hehe ¬¬;... Other than that the colour is so not like what you see in the bottle, its very clear but has a tint of pink! It's a fruity smell so it's great to use when you just wake up and need something extra to wake you up! Though it slightly changes back into the creamy strawberry when turned into foam, and it starts of creamy too when adding water, but as more and more water is added it becomes very foamy and bubbly! I was disspointed that the bubbles where white though TT^TT I wanted them to be bright pink! Afterwards it only has a small scent of strawberries, but my skin feels soft and smooth. As for cleaning i wouldn't say it's deep cleansing or specifically great for bad skin, i would just say that it refreshes your skin and makes it brighter, so no more dullness!


Scent: 9/10

Texture: 8/10

Cleansing: 7/10

I must say i do love these! It's great because i dont end up eating all the strawberrys hehe! Hope this helped! xx

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