Tuesday, 9 February 2010

How to spot Fake Mac Pigments

There are quite a lot of fake Mac pigments about! Id be aware of ebay!

This is a blog that helps you spot a real pigment from a fake pigment.
ALSO! When you order mac online please note any measurements! They might only send you a sample size of the pigment rather than buying the full pigment you intended.

Please do not fall for 'Authentic Mac Pigments CHEAPEST ON EBAY!!' If it's claimed to be Authentic then it doesn't mean that it is, even if they list the authentic name, it doesn't mean that the pigment is authentic

Look Out for:

The Plastic is thicker on the outside for the fake pigment. Text is slightly thicker too, & Cheaper Quality PackagingThe Pigment inside the fake pigment sticks to the plastic & is not as smooth as the Authentic one. Pigment is more sticky & chunky, not dust like.The Authentic Mac will always have it's name on the sticker. There will be a code stamped on the Authentic one showing when it was made this one is B28 The Fake one will have a number and no name, if it does have a name it is normally made upThe text is exactly the same, the only difference is the text on the fake pigment is thicker. When you rub your finger across the authentic one you can tell that the Quality of the print is good too, The Fake one however is bumpy and thicker ink than the authentic one showing the cheap print.

Inside the pigment the tops are different, there are different fake tops than this one, sometimes similar to the authentic one but made from card. The Authentic one will always have a plastic top, this is different for Mac glitters as not all have the same tops.

The Pigment itself will not be as packed as the authentic one where it clings together. The Fake pigment will be thicker and seem like it's been squashed over and over by machine! It will cling to the sides and stick everywhere!

The swatches: The Authentic Mac glides on, this is only Pink Opal so the colour isn't so vibrant. Though it's smooth and silky, soft and easy to apply, it doesnt fall everywhere. On the other hand applying the fake pigment is murder! It's thicker and doesnt glide on smoothly. It slightly flakes everywhere not going in the right places!! Uneven and uneasy. !!!

If you do want to use your fake pigments i advise you to add a small amount of water onto your brush before applying the pigment as it collects the pigment much easier and gives better colour pay off! Well! I hope this helped everyone! Thank you for reading! xxx

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