Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Ichigo nails! Yummy^^

Ichigo Nails

Hehe i was in a rush getting ready! So i quickly did my nails!
Hope you like them!
I would have been more precise but I didn't have enough time


Vincent said...

Nice! (Y) You make it seem so easy - Is it really? :P

Serena said...

how cute!!! strawberries... this is a quick nail do? Wow. =D

Mimi said...

Yesh! Its simple! Though i had a dorring pen so lol idk about tht part hehe. xxx

sailorette said...

omg i love them! How did you do the print? I've only tried leopard print before, I'll have to take a picture sometime :)

oh and it's sailorette from bigwardrobe ^_^ i'll add you now.xo

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