Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Where's Sebastian?

I was pattern cutting all day today...and got to the point where i was going to fall asleep! Not good! So instead I started to draw Ciel~x Then became too lazy to draw Sebastian ¬¬;

I was going to make him look a tiny bit happier, but I'm lazy and he's angry anyways. x


Dina said...

hey! i love your drawing : ) its really good xxxx

Mimi said...

Thank you hunny bee!!! I want to get better and better! So i think i should draw more hehe ^^* xxxxxx

Vivian said...

Thnx for following<3
Oeh and i'm jealous, bcause you can draw! I LIKE=]

Mimi said...

Thanks hunny bee! Like i said i really want to get so much better! xx

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