Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lolita & Lush Haul!!

This is my haul today! I met up with Momoko(Dina) and bought some cute things off her~x
I got 3 cute bows and the OHSHC Teddy backpack!
Then made a trip to Topshop and Lush!
Also yummy sushi for dinner and doriyaki for dessert!~x
3 bows
White bow from Baby the stars shine bright^^
2 other handmade bows hehe
4 Cute socks from topshop! Love them!!
Lush haul includes: 1 Sugar scrub
1 comforter bubble bar
1 rockstar soap
1 H'swan wen hua hair treatment
2 Ocean salt facial scrub
4 T tree toner tabs
1 Honey i washed the kids soap
1 Porridge soap


Dina said...

haha, you've thought of a name for me :)
Hope you like the items
I had a well horrible customer later on! She complained about me because apparently i handed her bag in a rude way. WTF..all i did was push the bag forward.

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

cute haul! i love the Ocean Salt too :D xx

dizzy_girl001 said...

I love the hair bows! Did you buy those or make them yourself?? If you made them then wowwwww!x

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