Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Etude House Magic BB Cream

Ok! So I haven't been posting a lot lately! Though now I will be posting a lot more!
I have locked myself in a room where I've been non stop making Lolita items!
I loved every moment of it! Just that it has made me very busy!
Now I'm back, keeping it simple and making atleast 2-3 items a week
rather than 2-3 items a day! That was killing me!
So I'm going to take it easy and study more!
Mmh! A lot of studying! A lot of pattern cutting! A lot of paper! haha
Ok! So Spring is here! I LOVE SPRING! Love love love it!
Pretty pink cherry blossom trees!
Everyone is in a cheery mood and I get to wear pretty dresses!
Also I have started to use makeup that isn't powder!
It's all cream/liqiud! Also it suits my skin a lot more
My skin is a combination of oily and dry
A little tip: Do not exfoliate your blemishes and they will only cause more break outs!
So cream foundation is great for my skin!
I have been using for the past few weeks my new BB cream by Etude House
This is #01 For Oily skin (As it is summer-ish)
This one is a lot better I found than the BB precious Mineral cream from Etude House
This one suits my skin a lot more! Especially for summer!
The texture is so creamy, not thick!
Sometimes you get cream foundation that sort of sits on your skin
This one is like water on your skin, it blends so well with my skin colour
It's not too thick, It looks 100% natural too!
Great coverage and doesn't look like you have foundation on!
I apply my BB Creams with sponges as I find it blends better with my skin
I used to use a foundation brush, but it wasn't really worth it.
The BB cream isn't something you really need to take time to apply
It's actually like rubbing a cream into your face, a bit like tinted moisturizer, but not thick
For colour coverage, I would say this deffo doesn't need a concealer
This will cover very well, if you do want to add that little bit of concealer
I advise not to use something too thick as it would completely ruin the whole 'natural' look
It's a BB mineral which means its also good for your face!
With my foundation, I get so worried if it's adding dirt into my pores
I always have to put a good primer on but with this I'm less worried
Ok so here is the swatches of the BB cream
A red coverage test!

Woo! Great coverage! It covers the colour so well! It's not even green and it covers red!
It covers redness, also peach/yellow is great for covering purple, which is dark circles
Any darker parts, so this is also amazing for that too!
I must say this was a great buy! 100% Worth it!
My new BB cream is the summer one so soon to buy that one!
Argh a lot of words on this one hehe,
Thanks! I hope this helped!
I'm thinking of doing this 'What do you want more of' thing haha
I might make a poll or something you can vote for
Asking what you like to read on blogs more haha
Mmmh! Sounds like fun!!!


Naka said...

I really wanna try BB cream now :p

nIcO xie said...

Hi~ i got the same BB cream with you also.. it's really a great product... Next time i wish to try Skin Food Agave BB cream~ hehe.. but it's more expensive than Etude House Magic BB cream

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

i haven try this one though. only the blue one... which is more for my skin and its great!!! =) just total ♥ Etude House BB cream

Khymm said...

thanks for the review! will try this one after i finish my dr. jart =)

Anonymous said...

Waaa that's so awesome!
I think I'll buy a BB cream, I always heard nice of it, but now seeing that red-test, I must really buy it!

Nice blog btw~^-^ really cute!

Shop N' Chomp said...

This looks great on your skin! =D

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