Friday, 7 May 2010

Another bow!

Hi! I went though London today as usual and spent a bit of money hehe
I bought nothing for myself ahah, But I bought stuff for the giveaway!
Lost Pooh Bear, Found Pooh Bear, ate donuts
Came home to make a bow!
This is my new bow!
I must say it doesn't suit me! But its so pretty!

Hehe Im wearing it funny hehehehe
I hope you like ^^
Ahh I need to go and buy more colour lace to match fabric I have hehe
That will be fun!


Naka said...

really cute ^^

kittycat said...

looks so cute! as always!

Ken said...

thats a pretty bow

{ Thy Lady } said...

cute! I love the bow :)

BlondHime said...

U have lovely blog!
I add U to my favorite :)

Please visit me!
thank U !
have a nice day!
Bye!! :*

superwoolu said...

i like!! it looks really good!

Daijobu desu! said...

Hey, these bows really suits you! ^^ Baby blue color is so adorable, one of my favorites! <3

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