Sunday, 30 May 2010

Just believe.. AKA THE GRUDGE

New nails! Made some time ago haha
Lace/Bow design
Colours are baby pink and white.

I don't think its worth a grudge.
People I care about care about me
I do not care about numbers
Or silly little things
I can grasp what is reality.
You will still stare in wonder my dear.
Oh my my my...
Is my baby all grown up?
Anyways who would want Ju On following them all day?


Naka said...

omg yummy!!! :p

Tracie Tsuneya said...

The lattice ones and diagonal stipe ones are especially cute. ^o^

mikan mimi (ミカン) said...

oh very cute! must take long time to do them hm?

Mimi said...

hehe ^3^ these took a bit of time yes!! Just cause of the paint thts all haha!!xxx

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

wow! these do look like they took some time to do. kudos for the effort and creativity! definitely an original :)

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