Wednesday, 5 May 2010

SpaceNK Lime Crime Tour

I found some images on flickr from Doe Deere
Owner of Lime Crime makeup of Pooh Bear and I hehe
When we met her in London on her tour^^
It was funny and I couldn't stop smiling hehe
Check out her blog^^



Naka said...

congrats on the 100 followers ^^
and i wanna try lime crime products ^^

DSK said...

Congrats on 100!

kittycat said...

congrats on 100 followers and oh my goodness, all of you look ADORABLE.

mikan mimi (ミカン) said...

omedetou gozaimasu! XD~

makeup oooo! i still need to try experiment colors hee~

Monster Girl said...

awesome! :)

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