Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Well, back in England from Spain haha~x
Away at sea for a while ;)
Just a little update on a bit of everything.
I just want everyone to know, if i ever sound unhappy. Im not.
I could never allow anything to make me unhappy, unless my loved ones were.
It's not worth getting upset. So please I only ask for one thing
Please do not spread any negative vibes. We don't need anymore of that!
I hope everyone who needs help finds it. It's there, you just need to open your eyes.
It's not that bad out there ya know ;) xx
Has anyone noticed the sun? I always remember when I could never understand why I was sent to bed when I was young in the 'day time'. When it was still light outside. Now I get it. Ice cream? Dont mind if I do ;3.. So I wonder what is everyone doing this summer? Where will everyone be? Beach? Picnics? Sounds good to me! I hope that the sun will give everyone a lot of energy. To go out and enjoy themselves. I know I surely will be! Running in the grass, it's simple. Looking over at Pooh Bear who I bet will be reading a book. I'll be eating the cake. Baked just in the morning. I was looking at some recent photos of what sun I've had haha.
I found some nice ones, looking back at some nice memories. Strawberry Sauce ;) xxx
BBQ'S are the best. Food!! I love food, I don't know why I'm not huge, I eat so much! Well I don't It just looks like I do hehe. I'd pile one hundreds of cookies onto a small plate and only eat about 2 of them. Keep them for a rainy day. Sneaky photos in someone's bedroom. I love my pink moustache. Haha I know you do ^^
I think the smallest of things mean the most. Like teddy bear cookies. I don't care what 'level' piano you are dear. Aslong as you make each note you play a full body song. Another thing I love, is when you catch people looking at you in photos. It means a lot to me. I guess I'll never be lonely. It makes me smile. I don't believe that there isn't someone out there who can't believe like I can. Been out to sea for a week and a bit. A so called 'Seafarer' If thats how you spell it! Mhm, sunny days it was. Food and rocking from side to side, which I haven't yet stopped doing so. Not yet used to being still on the ground. I shall tell you a story one day, for now let's just enjoy the sun. No need to stress in the cold!
Hop on my Choo Choo, I'll be your engine driver in a bunny suit. As soon as I got back to the UK I quickly thought. I want a change. So it was so! I went back to black. Short too! I like it! It's more me I think hehe. I shall get more pictures soon! Ohh before i left the UK I quickly went to Lush spent over £50 in minutes hahaha, bought some stuff for the giveaway too!! I shall be doing a haul post very soon! So many things bought that day haha! Went to Liberty Of London and bought some stuff for the giveaway too! It was really nice, went with Pooh Bear to a Japanese tea house and as you might know, I LOVE TEA. Not just English Breakfast Tea, Im talking about the 'others' that you cannot remember teas. I like to try a lot of teas hehe. Flower teas, herbal, fruit, spices, all kinds! We then bought some macaroons as usual and chocolates. It was fun hahaha! Ooooh and also I had my interview with the BBC, as I might be going onto this show about fashion. Though I cant say much about it!! Its very exciting though haha!

If you feel down please dont let it get to you! Think about everything that makes you happy, fight!! Happiness can easily ALWAYS overcome the sadness. A 16 year old girl died the other day in a car accident. Makes me sad to hear things like that. Though I see my sister next to me. All I need is for her to smile then all worries will pass. I hope it is ok for you all. Just tell yourself to hold onto these moments as they pass. A smile from your loved ones. xxx


Naka said...

i love the ice cream and ginger bread men photo :3
cant wait to see the haul post :3

Kasey said...

Your hair always looks so perfect, i love your curls. Your new hair is quite pretty as well :)

rosanguyen said...

Gosh you're so cute :)

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