Sunday, 20 June 2010

Everything else will follow & What a lovely start to summer

Welcome! Haha!~x
Just a quick update on everything!
Been Filming a lot lately! Hopefully you'll all get to see me!
I have to say what a lovely start to summer.
Fall in love, and promise me to take as much energy from the sun!
Silly photos infront of your dressing table hehe~x
Also! New lolita bow! Handmade by me~x
I loved the lace! I think I'm going to buy loads more lace!
Next up is bunny ears for me though hehehe
This one is quite large

I'm thinking now it's summer or becoming summer
I shall start the shopping! Haha!
Thrift stores here I come! Ooh all the lovely London vintage flee markets
Especially those hidden shops!
A lot of hauls to come then hehe!
I haven't bought myself anything in ages!
It's time to treat myself and some other lovely people to some nice things!
This is my wishlist for spring/summer
Although It seems I'm forever changing my wishlist hehe!
I deffo know that I need to treat myself!
Oooh! Also still buying things for the giveaway!
It's taking soo long I know! I just never feel that it's enough!
I just keep adding more and more haha!
Soon enough though!!! Can't wait! xxx
Also!! Quickly! Nail Of The Week hehe
Not of the day (As I try not to change too often)
Sparkly!! I think something much brighter next as its sunny outside!


Jing (GirL With GLasSes) said...

cute and glittery nails =)

Naka said...

cute photos and bow ^^ i love your nails :3

rosanguyen said...

Your nails are so pretty, I love them a new appropriation to french nails!

Kasey said...

Oh, i adore your bows. I have tried making my own, but it did not work out so well as it was floppy. And that is a lovely wishlist, i love those frilly shorts.

JoeyAnna said...

awww so cute!!! love the nails and headband <3

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