Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Glamour Magazine June 10 Benefit Giveaway in the UK!

This month's Glamour magazine!
Buy this months glamour magazine for £2 each and get a free benefit pencil!
You can get:
Benefit Eye Bright
Benefit It Stick
Benefit Bad Gal
You get one liner for every magazine you buy!
I already had the eye pencils so I only bought the one,
There are 3 magazines each cost £2, they all have different front pages
Which is good I guess. Though inside the magazines they're all the same
I keep my packaging all boxed up in boxes cause I'm a geek!
Though it's to show what you can get!

The Eye bright kind of speaks for itself! It is said to make you look awake! Apply to the inner and outer corner of your eyes and blend.
It's a pale pink colour! I like it as it's creamy! Perfect for the eye area! I don't like rough eyeliners for my eyes and in my waterline. It really annoys me, but this one is really bright and very soft! Just becareful to blend well! As it could leak or smudge. Very pretty colour! Great just to hide tired eyes hehe!

The It Stick is a concealer pencil, for fair skin. An instant concealing stick!
I think for me it's a bit too much, I don't use concealer, though I would say use it to cover up anything IN NEED! Though I don't really use it so much, it's not really my colour neither. It is soft so that's good! Creamy and smooth! Blend well though as you don't want it to flake or seem blotchy.

Benefit Bad Gal Liner. This liner is very big! So it's not great for a very precise look! You couldn't create any 'wing' look from it. This eyeliner is mainly for smokey smudgy sexy eye look. So if you have tried creating a perfect sleek eyeliner look with this product, it's not really amazing as it's the wrong eyeliner. You could use it then apply eyeshadow ontop of the line just to set it! Though during the day it will budge, it's soft and smooth, great for smokey eyes. Something to add a little more attitude. Not really meant for sleek eyes! Also, it is hard to remove! So that's good during the day! It might smudge, but it won't all come off!


Naka said...

i love the bright one :3

Mimi said...

Thats my fave hehe!xxx

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

I would love to try out the eye bright... i wonder if we have those mag here hehehehe

Nicol said...

i was so happy when i got these hehe
but ive got 3 copies of the magazine. what to do with them hmmm

Mimi said...

Haha! I gave the other ones to my friends hehe ^3^ xx

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