Friday, 9 July 2010

100 Followers Blog Giveaway!! Yay!! Ends 8thAug*ENDED*

Reached 100 Followers!
I just wanted to do this giveaway to say thank you to all my lovely strawberries!
So I'm doing a little giveaway.
ENDS:8th August 2010!
This is open internationally! So anyone in the world can enter!^3^
I did have a lot more items for this, then I thought it would be better if I could do a lot more giveaways, smallers ones! Though, I'd be doing a lot more giveaways! I think it's better this way! More people can win! I've ordered some Japanese cosmetics! So they'll be here soon!
They'll be in my future giveaways!
Sorry this one isn't really themed!! I just put everything together!
I took out a lot too, because I though they'd be best just in their own giveaways!
Ok!! Rules!
(1)You MUST be a follower!(It wouldn't be fair on my followers! & not private! I have to check!)
(2)Don't join just because you want to get 'free' goodies! This is not what this is about!

To Enter: The first one is a must! The rest are extra! ^___^
(1)Comment below 'enter me' with your name & blogspot url & email! (1 entry)
(2)Post about this giveaway on your blog!^^ (1 entry)
(3) Post about this giveaway on your sidebar!^^ (1 entry)
(4) Twitter about this giveaway! & Send the links! (1 entry not each!!)
(5) Facebook about this giveaway & send the links! ^^ (1 entry)
(6) Write about what you like to see on my blog(makeup/nails/deco/etc) (1 entry)
(7) Write about what you would like to see on my blog! Or see more of. ( 1 entry)
Thats it^3^!!
Now for the prize hahahaha!

Prizes are:
x4 Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish
x4 Miss Sporty nail polish
x4 Collection 200 Nail Polish
Strawberry lipbalm
Lipsmackers Orange starburst lipbalm
Red & White polka dot hair bow
Kawaii Ichigo cake plushie!
Lush Strawberry Santa Shower jelly
Set of Kawaii stationary!
Lush Vanilla Fountain Bath Ballistic
Lush Ice Blue Soap
Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Ballistic
Lush Lemslip Butter
Lush Ring Of Roses Butter
Lush Hippy Chick Bath Ballistic
Lush Stardust Bath Ballistic
Set Of Clear glitter silver Deco Gem Nails! Handmade by me!^^
& Thats it!!

I was already thinking of having 3 huge giveaways! Turned out I took a lot out for future giveaways! I just think it's cuter with lots of smaller giveaways haha!
So here I have allowed 3 runner ups!!
As the winner will be chosen by, so will 3 runner ups!
They will win mini prizes hehe! ^________^
They will be chosen out at random (the prizes)

Each Get: (3 items each)
A simple spring floral lolita bow handmade by me!
x4 mini heart bath ballistics!
Then a cute strawberry headband!
Either in red, pink or white.
It is chosen at random who will get which colour! So please no requests!!

This giveaway will go on for just about a month!
The giveaway will end on the 8th of August!
So there is loads of time! I will be blogging during that time!
I'll put a link on the top of my sidebar where no one can miss it haha!
I hope everyone joins! I cannot wait to see who wins!! haha!
I will be annoucing all 4 winners after the 8th of August, maybe just a little later,
As I have to add everyone's entry! Also count them all up! Hehe!
I will add proof for all my winners! So they all know they won fair and square!
Also this is a better picture of the deco nails!
Enjoy! xxxxx


Ushishi said...

Enter me!
Name: Ana
Blog :
Email :

I would like to see more nail stuff because I am quite noob with nails and you post very cute Japanese style nails which look very difficult to d.i.y

I also love reviews and swatches of asian products like lippies and eyeshadows ^^.

lumberjackie said...

Enter me!

you can add me on facebook and see the status post!

I love to see your hauls, photos of you, your handmade goodies, and anything about MAC!

I would love to see more tutorials and maybe OOTD and FOTD! :)

Naka said...

Enter me ^^

I would like to see more magazine scans ^^
and i like seeing your deco nails and make up :3

is it okay if i comment later with the links?

minna ♥ said...

Oh yay! ^_^ I cannot tell you how excited I have been for your giveaway.

1)Enter me, please :)

6) I love seeing 'haul' posts especially

7) Maybe outfit posts, if you'd like


delicate diaries said...

enter me please! x

I'd love to see more make-up reviews,, you should show more of your collection!! x

Marie said...

Enter me! I follow your blog.

maireloves at gmail dot com

kittycat said...

1 - enter me please!!! :)

name: tiffany

6 - i would like to see the handmade bows you make and makeup reviews!

7 - i would like to see MORE tutorials and reviews! I love 'em! ^_^

PS: I will twitter and blog about your giveaway on a later date!

G w e n said...

Enter me, please ^^

I love your diy deco tutorials and hauls (they're so interesting!).

I would love to see more makeup reviews (especially on skincare products) and your cute handmades.

Rena said...

Enter me!

I've linked this giveaway on my blog sidebar here:

I would love to see more hauls! I'm somehow obsessed with hauls!

I would love to see some FOTDs!

<33 Rena

(6) Write about what you like to see on my blog(makeup/nails/deco/etc) (1 entry)
(7) Write about what you would like to see on my blog! Or see more of. ( 1 entry)

Naka said...

here is the blog url :)

siwing said...

Herro !! Enter me please <3

I'm a follower and I posted your giveaway on my sidebar =D

I would love to see more of your beautiful face ! LOL.. Does that sound weird ? You're so pretty <3

And I already love all the magazine scans. Super kawaii ^_^

Good luck to all <3

enchi said...


Enter Me Please!! :)
Name: Jenneca Ching

I would like to see reviews about products that you use :)

I would also love to see your make-up and skincare hauls..:)

Btw, congratz on the 100+ followers!! :)


Much Love,
enchi :3

Anonymous said...

Enter me!
Name: Salaam (Sami)

I love some how-to-do with nails. I'm terrible at that.

More magazine scans. <3

((*natsi*)) said...

hi! i m a follower ^o^
enter me plz!

name: anna león
i posted on my blog :

i love strawberry headdress *o*

chu ~~

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Those nails are awesommeee! <33

Mnemosyne said...

Enter me! Hooray!

Name: Ali

I'd love to see some of your kawaii-character stuff. <3 <3 <3 Rilakkuma!

Also: I'm totally putting this on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog. Can I add you on FB? ^^

Lozzii;xo said...

Enter mee! :)
i'll link you on my blog next time i post


Fuyume said...

enter me

email -

i'd like to see more on nail art and circle lenses

skaki said...

congrats on your 100+ followers.
Enter me!
username- ks sn

i linked your giveaway to my blog's sidebar.

i would love to see more posts on skincare.

i would love to see more nail swatch posts for short nails,because i have very short nails.


Emma @ emmanemhandmade said...

Enter me!
emmanemhandmade (at) gmail(dot) com

Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm following you now too!

London's-beauty said...

memememe! X) enter me please

Name: Huong

i linked to my sidebar with pic

I'd love to see more nail hauls :) cutee.

7) I wouldn't mind reviews on products


btw. tagged u on my blog

centuries said...

Ohhh yay! Count me in! <3

I love to see anything about makeup products on your blog including any new stuff you try!

<3provadia on swapbot

centuries said...

Oh! Arg! Duh...

Name: Rossi
Blog :
Email :


Glenda said...

wow what a amazing blog, so much much stuff that I have never seen before,thank you for sharing.,love from glndas from sb,.

Rosie said...

oooohhhh i would love to enter!!!

and i have tweeted about your giveaway!!

I adore your blog, i love learning about all the different makeup, I love makeup but a that good with it myself!! and your handmade items.

I also absolutely love all the cuteness!! and the strawberries!! I have an obsession with strawberries. I am about to get a cute little strawberry tattoo on my wrist for my birthday :)

what would i like to see more of?? hmmm... i would like to see some make up tutorials!! I would love to see how you create diffrent make up looks as it looks like you apply your make up so perfectly!

wonderful giveaway, thank you so much for sharing!


p.s: ohmygoodness!! I almost forgot!! I saw on tv the other day!! I got s excited, i recognised you right away!you were just too cute and lovely. i thought you did an amazing job with that goth. she was so absolutely miserable and uncooperative too!! you were great :) ♥

YamilexC said...

Name-Yamilex Cantu Or Yami

I Like Your Blog Becouse You Show Kawaii Nail's & Hair From Japan . & I Love Love Kawaii & One Of my Goal's Is To Go Visit Or maybe Even Live In Tokyo Someday .
I Would Like To See You At Your Best Cause You Already Givin Enough & Im Very Gratful For Your Post's .
Thank You For Your Time .
Have A Pleasent Day .
: )

x[A]nnehhhx said...


Enter me!


blogged at:

twittered at:

I like your hauls and deco!

Woould like to see more makeup, tutorials, reviews, and nail deco!!

kittycat said...

2) posted about the giveaway here-->

3) posted about the giveaway on my sidebar @

4) tweeted about here @bebetiff!

*crosses fingers* ^_^

nicoletta said...

Hi there, im a follower please enter me
I love lipcolour reviews with swatches on lips

Laura said...

following you! Your blog is so cute. :]

<3 Laura

I love the magazine scans, they're pretty.

And I'd love to see diy stuff, like the bows you made [which are lovely, by the way!]

Ribka said...

Enter me :)
ribkavanessa at gmail dot com

I blogged here
I put a link on my sidebar
I tweeted here

I love your hauls :)
I'd like to see more reviews

ipehishere said...

enter me pls :D
im ur new followers :)

i repost here :

i love see ur nail deco ! AWESOME JOB!

i would love to see ur fotd :D

thank you and nice to meet you :)


Grace Wong said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway, I just found your blog while searching through egl!

Enter me please!




-posted on facebook:!/profile.php?id=1311307310&v=wall&story_fbid=142268522467846

-I love seeing your deco posts!
-I'd love to see more lolita bible / mag scans!


♥ PINK DOLLY ♥ said...

Enter me please and take a look at my blog.

Name: Pink Dolly

I have only just joined but I am interested in japanese style nails!

LIZ said...

Enter me dear :)
Name : liz
Blog :
Email : +1

I already blog your giveaway here +1

Honestly, i love the decorated of your blog. So pink and cute :) +1

What i like to see in the future must be some photo when you use the cute items. I see the post only about the cute item. It is more fun when see it that you use it :) +1

good luck everyone :)

luckyfinds said...

I follow thru GFC

posted this on my blog sidebar with a link back

and on my facebook wall

I love nail polishes so I'd like to see more of your nail tutorials!

Please post about your weekly beauty hauls. I just love reading about it.


cornelio03 said...

Enter me please
Name: cornelio
Blog :

Email : cornelio.mallare AT

Posted about this giveaway on my sidebar

shared on my Facebook wall about this giveaway

I want to see skin product reviews.
Please post about your fashion hauls

Bec said...

Enter me!
Name: Bec
Email: purplewhyt[at]yahoo[dot]com

Posted your giveaway on my sidebar:

I love your lay out and nail stuff :)

I would like to see more hauls and reviews of asian products :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'd like to enter the giveaway.
Name: Mia
Email :

I'd like to see more nail stuff.

Thanks! :)

twinkle toes said...

Enter Me!



Posted on sidebar!


I like all your diy stuff and nail art :D and of course I'd like to see more DIY's as well as DIY tutorials, more magazine scans, some Korean fashion/beauty and more nail stuff :)

juicy, said...

Enter me!

Lucy Huang

& awesome giveaway! ;)

Jenny said...

hope i'm not too late :(

enter me please! i'm a new follower via GFC!

Name: Jenny
Email: iceflurrie at hotmail dot com

i would love to see more reviews with swatches! :)

Anonymous said...

Enter me! ^-^

Blog ideas:

I think you should blog more about kawaii finds! I found out about through your blog and would love to see what other sites you use!

I've also tweeted about this on Twitter; you follow me already so you'll be able to see!

Fuyume said...

already entered but since comment i've posted to:

facebook -

twitter - @fuyumeuk

posted 2 blog in post and sidebar -

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