Sunday, 5 September 2010

Contact Lense Haul!!

This time I ordered 3 pairs of contacts from

Id been chosing which pairs I've been wanting for ages! I already have what's next on my mind hehe! For this haul I bought, Candy Pink lenses, G&G BT01 Black lenses, Dollyeye Violet lenses! I also got 3 cute little contact cases too! I won't be doing a full review on these yet as I haven't worn them enough. I have tried them all on, so I can give a little description^^
First up! Candy Pink contact lense! These were my favourite! They literally feel like I'm not wearing contact lenses! They're so comfortable! These are the best for comfort! So these candy series will now be my everday contact lense! Im thinking of getting brown next maybe blue too!
The colour is so pretty! It does show up on your eyes as pink, but the colour isn't so bold. It's pretty natural looking! I love them anyway! Ill get more images with me wearing them!!

Brand : E.O.S

Diameter : 14.5mm

Water Content : 38%

Base Curve : 8.6mm

Life Span : 1 year disposal

Best for: Natural and sweet look, great for comfort!
I ordered G&G BT01 Black. I didn't really want enlarged eyes for this colour. I just wanted my eyes to be a lot darker and a lot bolder. It did come out black and it wasn't too big so it did look natural. However I think I might have to adjust to them as they keep moving in my eye TT^TT
Brand : Brand : G&G

Diameter : 14.0mm

Water Content : 38%

Base Curve : 8.6mm

Life Span : 1 year disposal

Best for: Cute yet natural darker eye look, not so enlarging!

These Dollyeye contacts I've been wanting for a while now ^^ I wanted violet contacts that were VERY bright and bold! These are best for cosplay apparently, so these were my best shot! The image online is SO bright! I loved it! I love contacts that are so so bold! I don't mind when contacts look so fake! I kind of like that haha! Although same time I do also like natural looking lenses. These were very comfortable too!
The colour isn't as bright on my eyes as they are off. Though I have dark brown eyes, so they go darker when on. The only bad thing about this lense is that the hole in the middle for your pupil is so small! Well, smaller than others. I often see some purple here and there haha! It's not that bad once you adjust to it^^ The colour is very violet on, I would have liked it to be a lot more brighter but I guess it's already bright. I don't think they could make it anymore brighter haha!

Brand : DollyEye

Diameter : 14.2mm

Water Content : 38%

Base Curve : 8.6mm

Best for: Boldness, fake looking contacts, dolly eye look(as says in the name)~

Next up I think I might order brown, blue and maybe a green^^ xxx


Exuvalia said...

Thanks for sharing! I love the purple ones. So cute.

Naka said...

i love the colours ^^

siwing said...

love the colors ! can't wait for your review !

ravi said...

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DSK Steph! said...

Those cases are way too cute! :)

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