Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Lunch On The Go Phone Charms!

Eek! Looks so real! Fried Shrimp! Looks so good to eat!

Hahahahahaha! This one makes me laugh, I'd love to see this one someone's phone one day! It would so make my day! I don't think I could put it on my phone, it just looks so random haha!

Eek! I looooove octopi! I make it allllll the time, so this I 100% would put this on my phone, only because I eat this so often! Yummy!! Pooh Bear loves eating octopi! So cute!

I wonder what's next? What will everyone turn to next? Fried shrimp, cooked meat, I wonder what could be next! xx Looks so real na! xx
You can buy these at Strapya.com xxx

1 comment:

Ingrid said...

A whole new concept of always having some food when you are on the go. Pretty sure I wouldn't put one on my phone.
But they are still cool.

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