Tuesday, 9 November 2010

cosmates.jp online lolita shop!

Check out all their cute stuff!

Lots of lolita items!!!

I still need to get a new apartment here in Belgium before

I go crazy again buying all lolita items!

Anyway they have a whole range of stuff!!

Brand items too! I think theyre priced cheap too.

They have dresses also, not just bags and head peices haha!


glam n girly said...

i love the strawberry bags! how is belgium?

Anonymous said...

I really like that heart bag! So Cute! :)


Riechan said...

You're in Belgium now? How cool! ^^
I'm from Belgium ^^
Too bad I don't know any lolita shops in Belgium, don't think we have them ...

evey said...

That strawberry bag is freaking awesome.

eveyinorbit via swapbot

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