Sunday, 9 January 2011

My Top 10 Manga/Anime!!

I'm a very huge manga fan!
I do like anime too, both are great!
I am constantly watching one series of a anime
or reading one manga series!
So I'd like to share some of my favourite ones!!
Not in any specific order!
I love them all too much to put them into order!
Ouran High School Host Club!
I love Mori & Honey!!
I love Taiga! Her clothes are so kawaii!
I love this anime so much! It's not too predictable like other mangas!
I was really addicted to this one haha!
Junjou Romantica!
I know its a yaoi, but its so interesting!
I love the egoistic couple!
It sometimes is a little confusing at the beginning because there are 3 stories to it
But its so romantic!
Boys Next Door
I know it might be a little disturbing
But I think this manga was completely deep!
Wow, if you like really sad emotional dark stories!
This is the one for you! Oh its yaoi, but very softcore in that area hehe
Kodomo No Jikan
I know its lolicon! Though, it's much deeper than you think
It's more about children growing up
I love it! I prefer the manga to the anime, and it can get a little dirty at some points
Though it's almost always very jokey about those things!
If you like gothic type anime, this is perfect!
It's not dark but the clothing is very gothic.
It's more fantasy than anything else, and no romance at all
I prefer #1 than the 2nd series.
This is also yaoi, but its very innocent!
The boy loves to cosplay! Its soo kawaii!
I love this series! Though I prefer the human drama version than the manga
I keep telling myself that there's more to it!
I also am in denial that, that's the way it ends!!
It's yaoi but very softcore,
its a fantasy! Very famous anime i think!
I think that Ritsuka is so kawaii!!
I hope you like these anime/mangas!
Also if you have an ultimate favourite manga please share!
I'd love to start getting back into more animes!
I should start another one soon but I just dont know which one!

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Jennifer said...

You've listed some of my favorite manga/anime too! I love Gravitation and Chobits! I have to say my favorite characters from Ouran are the twins though!

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