Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Vivi Lover Online Japanese Clothing Store!

I just found this cute japanese clothing website!
You should check it out!
They have loads of clothing for sale! From lots of kawaii japanese magazines!!


veinken said...

Thank you ´www` ~♥

Hello Naka said...

thanks for the visit ^^ tehe i lvoe the photos and the shop sounds amazing! do you want me to send a letter or u :)?

Hello Naka said...

also the 30 day challenge is where you have to have a different hairstyle for 30 days and you can't use the same hairstyle ^^ do you want to do it ^^? I think I will do it at the begginning on February :3

Drachenfrau said...

Very colourful clothing! I love this style! :-) You're having a very interesting blog hun! :-)

Kate Pabst said...

I adore these looks. I'm checking out the site now. Thanks for sharing!

kate (from swap-bot)

Anonymous said...

Las dress looks amazing!!!! i really would love to have it in my closet ^^;

iSwallow on SB

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