Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Yay! Kawaii Cabochons!!

I've descided to buy kawaii cabochons in bulk!
Lots of orders to make!
I'm ordering them all from my home town hahahaha!
I want to start selling on my etsy!
Not just my handmade items
But also craft and kawaii items!
So also kawaii branded memopads, stickers, sheets, etc!
Lots of more items to put up on my etsy!
Kawaii stationary, Kawaii cabochons, Kawaii Craft, Loads!


Hello Naka said...

oh wow so cute!

Banana-Nut said...

Oh la la!
All those wonderful colors! They would look wonderful on cellphone covers, or compact mirrors. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination I suppose!

centuries said...

I LOVE cabochons! And have so many! I also really love FromJapanWithLove!

provadia on swapbot

Already following!

Chinnu said...

OMG...these are so cute and colorful....i would love a handful of them....hahaha!!
These make excellent embellishments!

I love pink too...stopping by at your blog was fun!
Cheers! (Chinnu from SB)

Mad About Pink said...

Nice to meet you again in SB. I adore your choice. can't wait to see them on etsy.
Mad About Pink from SB

patricias fabric art said...

Hi Megan I'm back!! ,hope everything's great,still into all your pinks

patricias fabric art said...

Hi Megan I left a comment a minute ago but forgot to say it was me blackbird 4

Lost Mitten said...

Your blog is absolutely adorable and I am in love with all of those cabochons! I am obsessed with all things kawaii :)

I'm now following your blog - found you as part of the Swap Bot Blog Followers #2! I'm "loolie" on there :) I'm also writing a blog post with a link to your blog in it, so hopefully some of my readers will visit your site, too! :)

Have a great day!


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