Friday, 11 March 2011

Minty Mix Online Lolita Store!

Check out this super cute online store!
It's got loads of kawaii items! Wigs included!
I swear I'm going to open an online store soon,
Just need enough stock haha!
I was eating Norimaki this morning TT^TT
My tooth filling came out! You can't really see it,
Maybe I should get it filled in again, owy..


siwing said...

cute stuff! definttely checking the site out !

Adelle said...

Loved all the wigs!! They are so adorable! I'll definitely have to check the site out. Take care and happy swapping.


Kendra (hxckendra) from Swap-Bot

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Awwww- super-cute! :]

Amy said...

You find such fun things! That ring is too cute!
Amy528 on swap-bot

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