Saturday, 12 March 2011

New Hair Colour?

I've been thinking!!
Colouring my hair half half!
Though not like Blonde and brown more of a light brown
and a dark brown, though It would look weird when it's not styled haha.
Calls for a wig?
What do you think? Too much? Because I love it,
just maybe I should get a wig for now haha, as it would be so much easier!
Oh and I'm so sorry about my posts!
I keep telling myself to post more about me
and more personal photos!
More reviews with photo's I've taken!
Though I still need to buy a new camera TT^TT
As my old one is in belgium >..<
Soon!! New camera!! I'll be posting about everything then mwahahaha!


Banana-Nut said...

I say go for it! <33 It looks lovely and it only adds to your interesting-ness. ;3;

I used to have light caramel colored coon-tails in the longer part of my layers and I got compliments on them all the time. I would love to do a bi-colored dye job! It's mod, and super Lolita.

Cameron said...

Yes a wig would have all the fun without the commitment1 Just no Cruella DeVille black and white...haha!

patricias fabric art said...

Yeah you should do more posts or set up a site offering fashion tips 'cos you have really good ideas [and charge them for the privilage!!!

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