Monday, 4 April 2011

Super Cute Lolita Package in the Mail!

I know it's been a while since Ive posted anything personal haha
Or something that I have actually taken pictures of!
So here is a mail post!
About a lovely lolita package i got in the post!!
Here is the SO cute packaging from AP!
Such a shame the box broke a little!

The box opened to another cute box!
Which looked like a book! I now keep this box for letters!
The box opened to such cute things!!
Inside containing such lolita items!
A cute lace trim face cloth!
This really cute candy shaped fluffy hair pin!
Hello kitty eye mask!
A rose for decoden, lace trimmings, and some cute handmade stars!
Cute lace(Im putting this under my teapot!)
Innocent world postcard and 2 hello kitty pencils
Then lettersets in this cute strawberry folder!
Ice cream & candy letterset!
Strawberry letterset! I love this one!
Delicate roses letter set!
Paris letter set!
Baby the stars shine bright letter set

I hope you liked this post!! Ive uploaded so many pix!
So more posts about personal things!! Yay!
Giveaway soon! Looks like the theme is going to be Hello kitty!!


Hello Naka said...

wow ur so lucky everthing looks sos cute and amazing! Im very jeaslous :p

Riechan said...

aww that package is really cute! I'm wondering, did you do some sort of swap? What did you send?

Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

kyaaaaaaaaa~a pack kawaiiness~ I wanted it too >.< hehe

Mimi said...

Mmmh! Maybe i should post my packages up too!! xx

Nana said...

Hey Mimi :D
thanks so much for checking out my blog and subscribing~
I am really in love with yours *A* you seem to love a lot of things I love too <3

ps: super cute package there >o<

Kumune said...

omg such cute packaging! I'm guessing this is from a swap, since the things in it are so random. Everything is so cute~

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