Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Ahh Yaaa! DollyWink Lavender Ne!!

So here's the new ltd ed Dolly wink set!
Looks like a lot of brands are coming out with sets ne!~
This one includes #02 Sweety girl lashes(top)
Also #06 Baby Cute lashes (bottom)
The lashes case that has been famous^^ Is now
available in Lavender!! Maybe I'll get this!
Although I wish they could sell the case alone, as I already have
those lashes TT^TT Cute though!
You can buy these at www.ichibankao.com
Or you can just click on the post title to go to the online page!!

ALSO!! I have changed my blog around a little bit, not too much
Just a few more links, more shops on the sidebar.
Also new songs ^^
I needed a little change!! Hehe!
So, Im starting up my blogsale!
It will be VERY easy to find haha, just on the sidebar
You can click on any link or picture there, they will lead you to
the posts and pages you want to see!
I need to make graphics for a big sign saying
Haha, Oh well that can wait a little while!
Ill be selling cosmetics, handmade items etc.
All on this one blog instead of having more than 1 blog haha!
Also I still need to buy a camera charger TT^TT
Alls good though hehe! Im working everyday
So I dont get to blog so much about fun days out hahaha
I'm off to Belgium yet again next week, then to Paris in June.
Gah, I need to rest ne! So a little break next week,
I shall be shopping and buying lots of cosmetics I cannot get here in the UK
Haha, hopefully I find some nice french branded items hehehe!
This is the most recent picture from webcam haha!
It was summery so I braided my hair and added daisychains hehe

Bare with me for the time being! Oh i made 2 new deconail sets!
Also Ive been doing water marbling, so Ill do some pix on that!
A few tutorials on the way!
Need to post hauls up as Ive been shopping!!
Bye for now!!~xx


Linda said...

Oh, that is great news ^O^/
I have been waiting for ichibankao to have them in stock. Yay~

Mimi said...

Yeah!! Im so tempted to buy this!! x

Amma Elizabeth said...

I love the case too! I always wear false eyelashes when I go partying.

Mimi you live in London? That's so neat! What art school do you go to? I went to the Courtauld Institute of Art but am back in the US. We just missed each other. Wish we could have met :(.

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