Friday, 20 May 2011

Candydoll Base Makeup Line

Candydoll have come out with their new base line!
Includes Base makeup, Liquid foundation, Concealer, Powder compact
You can buy this line at alot of asian cosmetic sites
Personally Im not that into this base line,
I dont really think the packaging is that nice
I think it looks too simple, I only really like the concealer
I dont really think Ill be buying anything from this line sorry °_°;
Does anyone else like it?


Sandy ♥ said...

i haven't tried any of their base makeup line, and the packaging doesn't look too appealing either >.< don't think i would try this line either *.*

Petit-pain-depice said...

yeah you're right , the design is too simple.
is the base foundation cream what we call BB cream ?

Anonymous said...

It all looks so cute! I want all of it haha. >....<

Chocolattkato said...

mariee via swap-bot follow my kawaii blog following you! Hope you can ratte me soon :D

Chococcuro said...

I really want to try this range!! I can't find it for a descent price anywhere at the moment though...

Nice blog btw!! I'm your newest follower ^^

Bárbara Linhares said...

I love your blog! Suu my blog too

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