Friday, 6 May 2011

New Nails To be!!

I need to show you all my current nails!!
Sparkly glitter! I so need to post more update pictures!
Don't worry! Need to upload all my pictures!!
So, after I get bored with these current nails,
I'm planning on getting stiletto nails!
Not too long as this first picture, but about the length
of all the nails in the other pictures!
I know what design/style I want!
It has to be a little black! Also with some design!
Maybe some silver glitter, flowers, rhinestones
I AM IN LOVE with the last 2 nail designs!

So easy to break I'd reckon, but I love getting my nails done
Also before this, I've never really had false nails
Though where I work they break ALL the time!!!!
So my old pretty long nails have gone!
I had to cut them! So now its just gel!
I'm trying to find a good salon in London where they can offer good
UV gel for me! Also a good quality finish!
So maybe July? I'll get my new nails done!
Eek! Neeeeed to show you all my current nails!!
Do you like these? Too much?
I've always loved over the top eheh


Alexandriaweb said...

Stiletto nails are amazing :D

Princess Paradise said...

Im total following u and loving ur blog. please follow mine

Petit-pain-depice said...

OMG it's so witchy like !

Amma Elizabeth said...

these look dangerous. very neat though.

xxx ammaspatisserie

Bárbara Linhares said...

so cute!!!I following you, I love your blog!
See my blog!!!
"I Love Cupcake"

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