Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I told you I'd have a giveaway soon ^^
Rules to enter:
1)Be a follower of my blog
2)Post in the comments your name and email address!
For extra points:
1)Post a blog post about this giveaway and send me a link x1
2)Put the banner on your sidebar and link it to this giveaway x1
3)Write in the comments what you like about this blog x1
4)Write in the comments what you would like to see more of x1

Anyone around the world can join!!
The giveaway starts now and will end on the 01/12/11 Midnight GMT

Includes: 3 Kawaii face towels
Korean Baviphat Peach Face Peeling Gel
Palty Hair Dye in Jewelry Ash
Secret Princess Apple Lipbalm
Secret Princess Magic Eyeliner
Secret Princess Loose Powder
X3 Korean Etude House Nail Polishes
X3 Rose Vintage Eyelashes
ALSO!!! X1 Pair of contacts you choose!!
From Shoppingholics
Pink chocolate comb and mirror
Ichigo Necklace and matching ring
Hello Kitty Bubble gum lip balm
Sally Hansen Glitter Lipgloss
A mini letter containing kawaii sticker flakes!
2 kawaii pens!
I hope you all enjoy this giveaway!!!
Feel free to ask any questions!!


Stephanie said...

Such a good giveaway! p>x<q

Stephanie Taylor


♥PINK DOLLY♥ said...

pink dolly


All the items are super kawaii!!!!

Kumiro said...

Wow, so wonderful!<3

Mimi Mae

Airi-san said...

Wow!Awesome giveaway!

What I like about your blog, is that everything is so cute! I love all the cute things you post, your blog gives me so much inspiration. Keep on posting kawaii overload stuff!

Sanne said...

Wow everything is so cute ^_^ This is my first time i ever enter a give away thingy :3

What i love about your blog is that its so cute and i really love the music :3 I mostly like the cute makeup thingy's ^_^.

What i would like to see on your blog hmm maybe more about last buys (non makeup related?).

Sanne Peters

I'm gonna post it in my sidebar on the website: http://xsannii.blogspot.com/

bee. said...
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Linda said...

Wow, that's an awesome giveaway ^^


Kaykay~ said...

Omgg!! >3<

Sarina Luu


I love your blog because of all the reviews and posts.

And I would like to see more fashion and makeup posts. ^_^

Meowcake said...

My name is Natalie.
My email is lilfi.loves@gmail.com

I love how focussed on Asian cosmetics and beauty this blog is.

I would love to see comparison blogs between Asian cosmetics vs Western cosmetics and why you think the Asian one is better.

shinibana said...

wow those items are so great! :)
anyone who wins will be so lucky to have them!


Sasha C said...

Name - Sasha C.
E-Mail - sovaryspecial@yahoo.com
Post - http://luckyplasticcandy.blogspot.com/2011/10/ichigo-shortcake-giveaway.html

My LanE oF LiFe? said...

Such a lovely and pinkish giveaway ! Loved it !

Lai Cheng

Crossed my fingers to win it ! :)

RDYN! said...

Ohhhh kawaii!

Rosa Nguyen

amazing prizes!

voulez-amour? said...
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Puolukka said...

So many cute things so I need to try this~

Sonja Hopearuoho

I added giveaway banner to my sidebar and also wrote blog entry about this:

I've been your reader for short time only but I really love how cute your blog is. Everything like banners, texts and blog style.

I'd like to see more make-up tutorials or what you've been buying recently.

London's-beauty said...

Lovely giveaway. Korean items are so cute ^_^

london's beauty



Alexandriaweb said...


wen ♡ said...
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i can't control myself. said...

So many products I have wanted to try!!!!! My name is debbie! melangephilia at hotmail.com

i can't control myself. said...

i love how cute this blog is! so glad I found it.

lita said...

everything is so cute!

the little things said...

Name: Amira~
Email: hellosaranghae@hotmail.com


Clem said...

Uwahh! So many cute things!! Especially the piggy contacts case <3


Tomato in the box said...

I'm in love with that...pink chocolate mirror * ^ *


va said...

gfc va
tumblemumbo at gmail.com

thank you

va said...

I like that it has soft colors and is kawaii . fun to look at and read

va said...

maybe some all natural product reviews or beauty tips that you practice if any .

Anonymous said...


name: Hito
email: barbara_8_94@hotmail.com

I like ur creams reviews!!! and i want more circle lenses reviws~~ ♥

Ai Arita said...


Your giveaway is so amazing!!
I want to enter!!

name: Ai Arita
e-mail: ai.arita@citromail.hu

Choco-Miio said...

Good giveway,

I love your blog because it is really cute
I want to see more in your blog tutorial

Sorry for my very bad english, i'm french.

chiky said...

name: Chiky joy
email: chiky.j_m@hotmail.it
i looveee it 'cause it's super kawaii ^__*

LisaLemonjuice said...

Aww I love this giveaway. I'm so glad I discovered your blog. :3

My name is: Lisa
GFC name is: LisaLemonjuice
My emailadress is: lvginkel4[at]hotmail[dot]com

My blog is:

My blogpost about the giveaway:

I also added your giveaway in the sidebar of my blog :)


Fashioncranberry said...

like your blog and this give away as well!


aMz88 said...

kawaiii sugooii neehh ippai ipaii stuffs <3 and cute blog :D

GCF: amz88
Email: amz88blog at gmail dot com

Extra points:
1)Post a blog post about this giveaway and send me a link x1

2)Put the banner on your sidebar and link it to this giveaway x1

3)Write in the comments what you like about this blog x1
*i like the product reviews :)and all the cute things :3

4)Write in the comments what you would like to see more of x1
i would suggest top 10 prods
or a little bit personal posts like fave actors, music, tag :) and lots of kawaii thinggies :">


Sarah said...

Ohmy what an adorable giveaway! I'm a follower :)


Sarah said...

What I like about this blog is.. everything! It's pink, it's cute, and that's all something needs to grab my attention c:

jenny07_tm said...

GFC: jenny07_tm or Bilog
NAME: jenny07_tm@yahoo.com
EMAIL ADD: jenny07_tm@yahoo.com
just keep on posting whenever you see cute stuff :)

KawaiiBarbie said...

GFC: Kawaii Barbie
Email: browningcha@yahoo.com
Side Bar Post: http://kawaiibarbie.blogspot.com/

I am a new follower. I am interested in makeup, everything kawaii and random sharing. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hellooo =)

name : Azed
email: gb.demure@gmail.com

> blog post : http://my-eternal-garden.blogspot.com/2011/10/1st-dec.html

> sidebar : http://my-eternal-garden.blogspot.com

> i love the kawaii gifs and pictures <3

> i'd love to see your exchanges packages <3

Fatty Bumpkins said...

I am a GFC Follower (missreneer)
Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

maly said...

The stuffs are so cute.
Thanks for this giveaway. :]

GFC: maly
Email: msbookworm22@yahoo(dot)com

|+~猪猪~+| said...

Name - Irene
Email - ireneyeow_0726@hotmail.com

I'm a new follower & I hope to see more reviews =D


Anja said...


Thanks for this giveaway!

Kris Beauty said...

Thank you for this sweet giveaway!
I would be so happy to win ♥
I follow your blog as Kris Beauty
Email : mybeautytags@gmail.com

What I like about your blog: everything! But if I really have to choose: I love your reviews, tutorials and DIY posts. And you have a super cute blog template! :)

What I would like to see more of: haul posts :)

Morbidfrank said...

Awesome Giveaway!

GFC: morbidfrank
email: onine_75@yahoo.com

sidebar: www.morbidfrank.blogspot.com

I love reading your product reviews!
I'd love to see more Circle lenses Reviews!

nadox said...


Blogged: http://sweet-dreamz92i.blogspot.com/2011/11/1st-dec.html

sidebar: http://sweet-dreamz92i.blogspot.com/

-i love the cute kawaii things

- i would liek to see nail polish

thank you =)

Karen Grigsby said...

Never in my life have I seen so much kawaii goodness!! Some one is going to extremely happy!!

kraftykj swap bot

STUFFellaneous said...

Hello from thestuffellaneous.blogspot.com! Nice giveaway you are having. My daughter would love it! Happy Swapping!

Treehugger_31 said...

What a super cute giveaway!! :)


Mari ^^ said...

Follower Name : Mari Danielski
Email - maridanielski@gmail.com
Link - http://kawaiidose.blogspot.com/2011/11/ichigoshotcakes-giveaway.html

~~ I think that your blog is just perfect and kawaii... i love when you talk about makeup and makeup news <3
~~ I would like to see more kawaii DIY

Kissu Kissu ~~

Anonymous said...

Name: Paula Yang
GCF: Paula Yang
email: panduhxorus@aol.com
side post: a-tlife.blogspot.com
blog post: http://a-tlife.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html

I like the way you make everything so colorful. You always have a happy attitude towards your post & get your readers attention (:

I would like to see some reviews on makeup :D

Anonymous said...
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Rii said...

Everything seems to lovely! *o*

Sidebar banner: http://poopiepoops.blogspot.com/
Post: http://poopiepoops.blogspot.com/2011/11/ichigoshortcake-giveaway-time.html
What I like about your blog is the design and reviews and tutorials! :D

I would like to see from you more tutorials and reviews because I think they are so lovely and helpful. :)

Good luck to all the girls! :D

ZatZ said...

Such a cute giveaway :)

Email - zatheela@hotmail.com

Your blog looks so cute and pink :) And i would love skincare reviews :)

Please enter me!

Anonymous said...

that s such a cute idea.... i like the kawaii things :) and i reallz like ur lil cupcake for the mpuse arrow. nice blog even though i am not into make up at all ;) i m lilCowgirl from swapbot / this is for Blogger Swap!! have a good one!

OohLadyBeGood said...

GFC: oohladybegood

email: oohladybegood@gmail.com

enter my giveaway too at www.oohladybegood.blogspot.com

bohemian art chick said...


rice ! said...

Name: Aki
E-mail: onigiri-almond @ hotmail.com

I'm a new follower ^^. I would generally like to see makeup swatches
B). And what I like about your blog is how you have an overview of the makeup you're reviewing. And everything is so cute and girly *_*

Her Ugliness said...

Great giveaway! I want to try my luck!
Name: Monika
Mail: Firn@will-hier-weg.de

I posted about your giveaway in my blog: http://gohalainn.blogspot.com/2011/11/ichigo-shortcakes-giveaway.html

I also put your link in my sidebar, however, since the layout of my blog isn't as wide as yours I had to make a different imagebanner that wasn't so wide. I hope it still counts!

What i like about your blog is (obviously) this giveaway and also all the great reviews of products I am interested in. I love reading reviews before purchasing items I can only get online and can't test or look at myself in a store.

Can't really say that there was anything I would like to see more, as this blog already seems to have everything that's important!

kindy said...

awesome giveaway!
gfc: kindy sohkhlet newmai
email: kindyanderson@gmail.com

i like your reviews and the cuteness!
i'd like to see more swatches! :)

kindy said...

banner in my blogsidebar:

TGIF Malaysia said...

GFC: TGIF Malaysia
email: jcjoannecheah@gmail.com
blog post: http://tgifmalaysia.blogspot.com/2011/11/ichigo-shortcake-giveaway.html
what I like about this blog: It's so cute!
What I like to see more: More giveaway!

Unknown said...

Nice giveaway!

Name: Marcela
E-mail: tchelinhacb@hotmail.com

First time in ur blog! I always love to see new kawaii things!

iiris said...

cute! ;-)

name: iiris
email: iiiiris@luukku.com

Flower Duchess said...

Flower Duchess

Anonymous said...

Nome: Ana Flávia
E-mail: hana___ss@hotmail.com

Extra points:
+What I like most:
Tutorials and Scans
+I would like to see more here:

meimayy said...

following on gfc (meimayy)

Maybel Huang

I love that your blog is sooo cute! oh and the makeup galore - keep it up :)

I would love to see more of your tutorials!

Honey said...



HuHaHa said...

-gfc name shadab
-email shadab_muslim at yahoo dot co dot in
-like your blog because its very cute and girlie.something that just let you feel your girlie beauty.
-want to see some kawai inspired giveaways

Yoshi said...

Such an amazingly wonderful giveaway! I would so love to win it!!!!!!^^

- I'm quite a new reader of your blog, but I like about this blog that there is so much to see and learn about asian cosmetics. Also I love to look through the mag scans

- I would like to read more about stationary, for I love stationary and I think having penpals is so wonderful!!

Have a great weekend :)

Cris♥ said...

Gfc:Cristina Cris
blog post:http://crissscri.blogspot.com/2011/11/ichigo-shortcake-ichigoshortcake.html
I like the reviews and tutorials,you have everithing in your post's ,keep'it the way it is.
Great giveaway

MinakoKiss said...

Sooo cute *-*

Elisa John

Amanda Croix said...

Amanda croix

- i like your reviews
- i wanna see make up tutorials

Nóra said...

sidebar: http://alanora.blogspot.com
What I like: the cuteness of your blog ^^
What i wanna see more: nail polishes *.*

thanks for the chance :)

Yui-s2 said...

What a Cute Giveaway~

Name: Karen Reis
Email: yui-s2@hotmail.com

What i like about your blog is that it's very cute and Helpfull, Specially the Make-up and Reviews.

Rin said...

Hello <3

I posted this in my Tumblr, dummo if it counts ^^

Here's the link anyway:

I have enjoyed your reviews very much, they're my favorite bit in your blog.
But I love all beauty stuff also! (^_____^)

As a review-lover I would like to see reviews more.




Katjes said...

please enter me!:)
gfc: Katjes
e-mail: katjes91@hotmail.com
I like the posts about those beautiful nails, and you should write more personal and haircare stuff.:)

Aswathy said...

gfc: aswathy
email: beautyrushwithash@gmail.com
cool giveaway!!!
what i love abt ur blog is all those cute snaps ans beauty stuffs
i would love to see u more updating abt these cute stuffs!!!

Jadins said...

AHHH cute giveawayyy*^*!


Facebook post:http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1404348106#!/permalink.php?story_fbid=155540514544104&id=1404348106&notif_t=like

Nanà said...

wow sooo kawaii *-*
good luck to everyone!

xbbHM said...

Holly Mau

Farndzes said...

name : Farhana
email : farndzes_90@yahoo.com
I've put banner on my blog : http://hannakenzaki.blogspot.com/
I like everything about your blog.
I would like to see more reviews and tutorial..

Janine M. said...


Janine M.
ninmonster at rocketmail dot com



I like your blog because it's so pink and girly!

I love posts about lip products! :D

Yohanna91 said...

my name is Yohanna Gorra, and my email is lacubanita91@gmail.com

Flow said...

Name: Flow
GFC: Flow_is_me
email: flow_is_me@yahoo.com

I posted your giveaway on my sidebar, please take a look >> http://heartsmade.blogspot.com/

What I like from your blog is that your blog is so cute! XDDD And I would love to see more DIY items! :D

Sabrina Moutran. said...

Kawaaaii ~~♥
Omg, I love your blog, all the things is so cute and perfect. I'm from Brasil >_<

Sabrina Moutran

Rekawaii Sukii said...

GFC: Rekawaii Suki
Name: Regylle Kate Fuentes
E-mail: rekafuentes@gmail.com
Sidebar: http://rekawaiisuki.blogspot.com/

I like the reviews on make up and circle lenses. And I love the layout on your blog and all the kawaii stuff you have! XD Makes me drool.

I'd like to see more reviews on circle lenses, especially GEO and EOS since I also use circle lenses. Also more reviews and tutorials on make-up! :D

Thanks for this lovely giveaway.

Ribka said...

Name: Ribka
GFC: Ribka
Email: ribkavanessa[at]gmail[dot]com

I put the banner on the sidebar http://ribkavanessa.blogspot.com/

Your blog is so cute! :3 besides the design, I love reading your posts too

I'd love to see more DIY, tutorials and reviews ^^


descude said...

Email:ely_2ss at yahoo dot com

Baruka said...

Omg, how cute !

Bárbara Iatzaki

maryam.raazq said...

gfc: maryam.raazq
e-mail: maryam.raazq@gmail.com
all ur items r superb full girly .. luv them
nd i really wannt to see these girly items nd more reviews about gloss

NyxieLove said...



Pikletka said...

gfc: pikletka
Martyna Komorowska
sidebar: pikletka.blogspot.com
post blog: http://pikletka.blogspot.com/2011/11/rozdania-do-1111.html
i would you like to see post about makeup for a party

i like tutorials :)

Anonymous said...

omg such a cute giveaway :)

gfc xyoulovekarlene
sidebar : http://colossalcosmos.blogspot.com

xyoulovekarlene at gmail dot com

taylalatbh said...

I'm Taylala ^_^
GFC: Taylalatbh
Email- letsgetintimates@hotmail.com

Fantastic blog! That giveaway is so fantastic >.< If I had my blog up and running I'd post this on there too >.< x

Karalyn said...

Karalyn Factor


I love your super cute blog! The music is really nice lol.

Luiza said...

GFC: Luiza M
e-mail: luizza_m@ymail.com

Alex said...

followed your blog (gfc's Alex)
Alexandra Yo - sha.eternalmagic[at]live.com

I like that this blog post lots of cute things, and asian makeups :D (I heart Asian makeups xD)

I'd like to see more about Asian makeups and fashion :3

Karina said...

1)GFC: Karina

2)I like about your blog tjhat it is so colourful, pink and cute, it is like you are expressing your identity and that is good :)
3)more of... maybe clothes, that would be cool!

Emma said...

GFC: Emma
Email: gavaldik.emma@gmail.com
Sidebar: femininepunch.blogspot.com
Your blog is so cute!! :D
I would like to see more fashion post.
Thanks :)

MiLulu said...

Great giveaway!
GFC: Lulu
email: redalepou@yahoo.com
Sidebar banner: http://greeklulu.blogspot.com/
What I like about this blog: It's so bright and absolutely lovely!
What I like to see more: Asian beauty and fashion tips)

ikercsajok said...

HI:D how much present:D
GFC: vivien-zsofia
email: zsovia@freemail.hu
Your blog is so so cute:D
And i'd like to see hairdo.

Alexandra. said...

gfc: Alexandra Simon
email: al3cu_stelista [at] yahoo [dot] com

I would like to see more reviews on lipglosses and I like your blog because it's really girlie and fun!!!

AmysBeautyWorld said...

1)i followed you and love your blog, you have a really lovely blog and i like the background music.
2) My name is Amy and my email adress is amysbeautyworld@gmail.com

For extra points:

- side bar http://amysbeautyworld.blogspot.com/

- what i would like to see more:
more reviews! and makeup looks, nail looks, just everything , i love watching/reading beauty related stuff

Thankyou for holding this lovely giveaway, i am currently holding one to, so stop by my blog if you have time and enter if you like the stuff, of course i am not giving away the amazing stuff you are giving away, i just love everything you are giving away

<3 xoxox

✿.。.: Swεεt Blog :.。. ✿ said...

I'm Elaine Neves.

♥ Blog Name: Sweet Blog
♥ E-mail: laininha_moraes@hotmail.com

♥ I made a super cute post on my blog, can check the link: http://sweet-lainy.blogspot.com/2011/11/giveaway-ichigoshortcake.html

His blog is extremely beautiful.
♥ I love to see the articles on makeup. And love to see tutorials of makeup. I always like to learn more


szkjan said...

WOW!!! love everything its soo cute
wud love to see more makeup tutorials ^^

Maari_Love said...

This giveaway is so nive!

My name is Mariana Soufia and my
e-mail is mari9ps@hotmail.com

I love it!

Maari_Love said...

This is my coment about your blog:
I love it! It's so cute! I just would like to know how i can put a banner of my blog in other ones and how i can do a sidebar just like yours ^^

Well, i would like to see more tutorials about nail art (because i know that you can do a beaultiful nailart)

That's it! Thank's!

my blog: http://maarilove.blogspot.com/

post about your giveaway:

Thank's again! Kisses!

doroffee said...

Great giveaway :)! I follow you as doroffee.


MissFeelo said...

Filomena P (MissFeelo GFC ID)
missfeelo at gmail dot com

+1 I posted on my blogs sidebar (http//msfilosophie.blogspot.com

+1 I love all the HQ fashion photos

+1 I'd like to see more posts about you!

aPanda said...

Your Blog is very cute but i don't like the Musik in the Background.

Best wishes

yesiwantyouback said...

follow: yesiwantyouback
I like your blog because it's amazing! I like your music IPOD :)

fatema said...

GFC: fatema
email: mclasb11@hotmail.com

post: http://mycrazylifeandstuff.blogspot.com/p/current-giveaways.html

i would like to see more halus and cute posts

i like cute posts here!

Costin Daniela said...

Hi from France! Fingers crossed that i'll be one of the lucky winners. :D

1. GFC: Costin Daniela
2. My name is Costin Daniela
3. Email: danyela_costin@yahoo.com
4.I really like this blog,here i found myself, even the music it's so .... wow.... :) i like everything you post... :)
5. i would like to see more photos :)

Thanks for the giveaway!

wen ♡ said...

How cute giveaway, wahh~!


I like the most about your blog how you show the current trends, seems like you always know what's in! :3

I'd like to see more beauty posts!

Thank you! xx

Trevor ki said...


Followed: Boannee

Sidebar: abeautyindisguise.blogspot.com

I love your Kawaii Giveaway!!!

Im still a new fllower of yours so i cant tell you what i love the most maybe a giveaway?

Emsy said...

Hi~ I join your giveaway
It just caught my eye!

GFC: Emsy/Emsi/Emsiems

Email: Emsyyen@yahoo.com

Sidebar: (I have a tab for GW)

Wat i love is that you and i have the same addiction for kawaiiness xD. Just read over the entire blog of yours and oh my~ cute!

What i want to see more n your blog is - FOTDs? i think it will be great!

Gellie Balbuena said...

Name: Gellie Balbuena
Email: gelliebalbuena@gmail.com
Posted giveaway on sidebar: http://dancewithgelz.blogspot.com

I like your blog because it's so kawaii, and I love love love everything about kawaii!!!

I would love to see more posts on Do-It-Yourself nail arts and hair dye. hihi

Jel ♡ said...

im a blog follower :)
GFC: Jel

Email: punkme15 at gmail dot com

Blogged: http://mynameisjel.tumblr.com/post/13054968677/ichigo-shortcakes-giveaway-ends-december-01

Sidebar post at http://mynameisjel.tumblr.com

I like your blog layout, its very cute and clean. I also like your beauty related posts <3

Id love to see more product hauls and beauty reviews on your blog :)

Jelena said...

1) GFC: jelena horvat
2) e-mail: jelenahorvat24@gmail.com

This is an amazing giveaway! :D
You are so sweet. xoxo

тainтed мeмories. said...
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bambaki83 said...


GFC name: bambaki83
Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

I don´t have blog to shared.

- I like that you are very funny and your posts of new fashion.
- I´d like posts of tour haul of beauty products.

I have the public profile. but these days blogger is giving me problems and change it to private, please do not disqualify me, I can send a screenshot or something.


Anonymous said...

Love this giveaway and would love to win because this Asian products here in Europe we dont have and I love Asian stuff so would like to win. And just the fact your originally from Thailand makes me happy about even more. My dad loved Thailand and we had to move there to Phuket but unfortunally we didnt.
I love absolutly everything about your blog and just keep going the way you ae going already.

I made a banner on my blog here is the link:


Milky Ways said...

Hello :)

GFC Name: Dee Cahn
Email: daarkrai@seznam.cz
Blogpost: http://deecahn.tumblr.com/post/13060893628/ichigoshortcakes-giveaway
3) I like to see news from the world of make-up and such here, especially news about not so well known brands :)
4) I would like to see posts about you, pictures of you trying new make-up products, styles..

Lu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alex Elkins said...

Thanks for the amazing giveaway! ^^

GFC Name: Alex Elkins
Email: somestroodle@hotmail.com

I love that your blog is so cute!! I also love how you have really good taste in products :D

I'd like to see more reviews!!

Bebe said...

GFC Bebe
Email bebe03@hotmail.sg

Blog post http://bebe2003.blogspot.com/2011/11/ichigoshortcake-giveaway-ends-1-dec.html

Blog sidebar http://bebe2003.blogspot.com/

I like posts and pictures on your everyday life

Hope to see more of Korean and Japanese brands makeup and skin care products

Bubbly Mochi said...

GFC: Bubbly Mochi
Sidebar: bubblymochi.blogspot.com
I like your deco nail designs! very cool!
I'd love to see nail tutorials!

Tiffany-kim said...

OMG such a generous giveaway! <3
GFC: Tiffany-kim
email: htram96(at)yahoo.com
Sidebar banner: http://tiffany-kim.blogspot.com/

-I like the reviews and all the "kawaii" stuff!
-I would love to see more reviews of brands like Etude!

Katherine Tealeaf said...

Katherine Tealeaf

LemonberryLulu said...

great giveaway *o*

Shaashii said...

gfc : shaashii
email : sadia.marium@gmail.com

lovely blog

please enter review of more brands ,

i love ur blogging style ...

エミリー❤ said...

so many cute things in this giveaway!! thank you >.< ♥

name: Emily (lovely.milky)
e-mail: lovely.milky@hotmail.com

sidebar: http://momoaisu.blogspot.com

breannh said...

Such a fun giveaway!!!
Breann Simmons

Mimi said...

Awesome giveaway~!
GFC: Mimi
Name: Emily
Email: MimiGrl6392@aol.com

I think your blog is really cute!
I'd love to see more fashion posts

I added the banner to my giveaway side bar! http://mightymimi.blogspot.com

Ítala Nascimento said...

hempalpaI loved the promotion!Very cute and so I to participate. Well, I tried to put the link in the sidebar but I could not! But all bem.Ah! excuse the bad English, and because I am Brazilian! Please give me the prize! rsrsrs ~bye~

Ítala Nascimento said...

I loved the promotion! very cute and so I to participate. Well, I tried to put the link in the sidebar but I could not! But all bem.Ah! excuse the bad English, and because I am Brazilian! Please give me the prize! rsrsrs
my blog: http://lucileraisins.blogspot.com/
My msn:itala_pet@hotmail.com
And my name:Itala (pseudonym:Lucile Raisins)
bye ~ ~

Katarzyna said...

What a cute giveaway!

GFC follower - Katarzyna


Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

What a nice giveaway ;)

I'd like to see more reviews about UK (sleek, barry m etc.) and Asian brands :)

GFC : Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover
E-mail : stevoulina@gmail.com
I also posted about it here : http://www.drugstoreandbargainlover.com/p/giveaways.html

Thank you! :) x

Francivusk said...

Oh gosh, so many kawaii items.. I think I will die!

name: francesca
GFC: francivusk
mail: francivusk at hotmail dot it

Jean said...

gfc: Jean
name: Prioteasa Anca
email: emailpvia@gmail.com
sidebar: cryptowang.blogspot.com
what you like about this blog: fashion&beauty themed! <3
what you would like to see more of: lifestyle (stuff you do/eat/etc) :)

Miko said...

Kianna Higuchi
Sidebar: http://mikoblogsit.blogspot.com/
I really like your reviews! They're short and to the point (: You also show a lot of photos, which I like as well.
I would love to see more DIY/Deco projects ^^

Thank you for having such a kawaii giveaway!

Amy said...


There's a post on my blog (Sinkdownslowly.blogspot.com) and a link on the sidebar.
What can I say bout your blog?
I love the nail tutorials, of course!!
And I'd like to see more stuff related to hair extensions and fashion wigs, if possible :)

Sara Yasmine said...

OMG such a Kawaiii giveaway! <3

GFC: Sara Yasmine
email: Hyeyun123@yahoo.com

Sidebar banner: http://sweet-bunnydress.blogspot.com/

-I like the reviews and read all the "kawaii" stuff!!
- LIKE your blog hihi

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful giveaway! I'm a new follower of the blog, but it's amazing. I love the tutorials you put up. It'd be amazing to see more makeup reviews for sure.

fragileiris (at) gmail (dot) com

chaya bunny said...

Name: chaya bunny
Email: vivienne.emmerich @ gmail

Put on my blog sidebar: http://lapindelune.blogspot.com

What I like about your blog: You include more posts than just beauty. For instance, I like that you shared recipes in a recent post!

Anonymous said...

Also mentioning that, while my own blog is just starting and I'm in the designing/promoting phase, I've linked to your giveaway in my sidebar.


fragileiris (at) gmail (dot) com

Thakitty said...

Ohhh that is so lovely

GFC: Thakitty
name: Thaisa Santos
e-mail: thakitty90@gmail.com

AteeNadj Nadj said...

GFC: AteeNadj Nadj
Name: Najma Mohamad
Email: nadjienadj@gmail.com

Piimanyx said...

Nyaaa I want to participate ( and wiin >_< ) But i'm very unlucky :(
So i'm follower and my adress is:

I wish extra points, so
*the post blog : http://piimanyx.blogspot.com/p/concours.html
* I like in this blog : the cute/kawaii articles, and mode articles too ! I love too recipes that you made in your last post.
*what you would like to see more of :
More kawaiiiii :p Maye be good plan to have kawaii things ?! Or tutorial, ect ..?

Nice blog ♥

?E said...

i see etude hse polishes!!!! <333

GFC: ? E
email: questionmarkyee@gmail.com

thank you!!!!

Eugénia Lourenço said...

I love your blog...
The giveway things are super kawaiii...

Name: Genna4ever
Email: geninha.hp@gmail.com
What I like about this blog: the clothes are just super kawaii and...
What I would like to see more: more giveways of course and tutorials about everything (nails, clothe, recipes)

Eugénia Lourenço said...

I forgot to put the link of my post about your giveaway.


P.S.: I'm portuguese and so the blog, so sorry if some words are wrong. It's google translator fault.


dreamer said...

gfc: quinieleong

I love your post on food recipes lol

I love to see more product reviews

NaTT said...

So Lovely giveaway!
Name: Natt
E mail: romanticcida@hotmail.com
I follow you as: NaTT
Blog link with the giveaway: http://natt-chan.blogspot.com/2011/11/ichigoshortcake-giveaway.html
What I love for this blog is the news and entries about makeup and gyaru products (hair dye, outfits, all!).
I want to see more tutorials and shopping sites.

Annie said...

Wow such a beautiful giveaway! I like it so much!!

GFC name: Eni, Encsi
Email: encsi00@gmail.com


MsAd89 said...

Hello! thank you for doing this giveaway! my GFC is MsAd89 and my name is Anna


I'm linking this giveaway on my blog

I would like to see more reviews on your blog.

hugs and good luck everybody :)

Vador said...

GFC: Vador
Email: celeber@freemail.hu

For extra points:

1) Post a blog post about this giveaway and send me a link: http://kreativpotya.blogspot.com/2011/11/ichigoshortcake.html
2) Put the banner on your sidebar and link it to this giveaway: http://kreativpotya.blogspot.com/
3) Write in the comments what you like about this blog: Cute loli dresses!
4) Write in the comments what you would like to see more of: Much more reviews. :)


iiila said...

I'm in! =D

I am following as _winterchild on twitter. Mail: liza.svanberg@hotmail.com
blog: winterchild.blogg.se

Love your blog, it's so hard to find "good" alternative blogs </3 ;)

Vyvy said...

Amazinggg Giveaway!! Thanks ^^
I'm also having a giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out :)

Name: Vyvy
email: kvlp123@yahoo.com

I really like your posts, my favorite is the deco nails !!

I would love to see more deco nails from you :)

Renia said...

Very lovely giveaway:D



Jin said...

GFC: Jin

Email: satsumaimo94@gmail.com

Posted in blog: http://j1n-j1n.blogspot.com/2011/11/ichigoshortcakes-give-away-time.html

1) I like your blog because there is lots of nice photos :D

arra said...

Wow!I'l kick myself if I dont join this giveaway!

gfc: arra

-blog post: http://prettyface-arra.blogspot.com/2011/11/ichigoshortcake-giveaway-time.html

-put it in mysidebar: http://prettyface-arra.blogspot.com/

-i like your blog because it's so kawaii cute!

-i would like to see more of kawwaii loaded stuff!

Arra Morta

Neko-moe said...

OMG! I love ur blog cuz is amaizing and everything is cute.
I would like to see more reviews of Korean and Japanese cosmetics.
Name: Marta
Email: martaperezmaldonado@gmail.com

Isaa said...

enter me please :D

GFC : isaa
email : isabel_a.c@hotmail.com

extra entries :

post - http://eraumavezumagata.blogspot.com/2011/11/divulgacao-de-sorteios_30.html

side bar - http://eraumavezumagata.blogspot.com/

mehak said...

enter me

~tHiAmErE~ said...

wow! what a generous giveaway!
im a follower

i would love to see product reviews of japanese products of course!
i adore japanese cosmetics!

Nerdy Otaku Girl said...

Super cute and lovely giveaway
my GFC: Nerdy otaku Girl
e-mail: cepth@ymail.com

Kawaii-doll said...

GFC: Kawaii-doll
mail: gabi01091995@wp.pl

Kairi said...

hi, great giveaway!

Ana Morais

Honeydewsweat said...

Wow really amazing giveaway! Unfortunately I'm a few days late discovering it T^T. I will still follow your blog and look forward to giveaways I hope you will have in the future ^_^

Anonymous said...

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