Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New Iphone!!

Got my new phone today! Decided for the Iphone 4, I didn't really need the 4S hehe
I'm so excited about it! It is really good!
I got mine in black!! Also thinking of getting a few cases for it not just 1.
100% a cute Korilakkuma case
Probably a decoden one knowing me hehehe
MAYBE a bunny silicone one, with the ears? Maybe not hehe

You can get these at:
Try it out! xx


NaTT said...

Wow Wow!! Is really cute the phone case!! Rilakkuma is so sweety!
And this model of phone is so cute! You can do gyaru photos everywhere!!

Ken said...


pricillia lumantoro said...

2i25so cute:)

MissFeelo said...

ah there are so many cute iphone cases out there. *jealous* I love my Android phone but I just wish I had more options for cases!! Personally I like the Riku.. bear case!

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