Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Out and About

Heya guys!! This is my OOTD~
I haven't got many clothes around recently only because I've still got a ton of clothes at my other place
I really need to sort all my clothes and storage out D:
Today was just a comfy clothing day in London :)

I did a lot of job hunting today, because I'm sick of kitchens >.<
Really need to find myself a job that I much prefer hahaha
Although I did pop into Lush on the way back to buy a few things ~
Mini haul time

I got a mini Karma soap sample :) I love tiny things they're so cute
I absolutely love tiny little soap samples! Don't you think small extreme tiny things are adorable?!

Just a little picture to note: I LOVE MY BAG! hahahahaha~
I've been using the same bag for too long now :/ I keep doing that
Never changing my bag haha, I'm going to try and mix it up a little more
It's nice for a little change anyways :)


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