Tuesday, 29 January 2013

5 Things to Love this week!

Here is this weeks loves!
Hope everyone tries at least to love one!

1) Relaxation Baths - best thing for stress relief

2) Learning about your fave animals

3) Cute nail art

4) Hot cocoa on those cold days - extra marshmallows

5) Healthy alternative to junk food snacks! - just as good, and much healthier!


DeeDee Remington said...

Love this! I do the cocoa all the time. There is a recipe on my blog from a couple of weeks ago. It keeps me rocking in my week. And marshmallows...a must have!!!

Jennifer~Vickahh said...

love all of your pictures. And your nail art <3 <3


Chaitea said...

That relaxation bath looks wonderful! And so does the last one. mmmm food

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