Monday, 14 January 2013

Hello Monday & NAIL OF THE WEEK!

Heya guys!! Here is my new post for my nail of the week!!! 
This week there are 2! Haha, I recently got these lovely Dollywink nail polishes!
Here is my tiny post on the lovely 2 colours!
I wanted not to get too many as I prefer to try a few out before going crazy on them all!!
I did decide not to get anymore, as I didn't really care too much for them!
Personally I think they were a tiny bit too small for the price haha!  

So here are the 2 lovely colours! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging! It's really what draws you to them haha! They were are tad bit smaller than expected? Cute, but not too practical for the price. They're more expensive than a BARRY M nail polish which is £3, and you get loads of product from that!

I do like these nail polishes, although they're not the best really. I wouldn't say they're the next big thing, cause theyre so not! I love the colour selection and the cute packaging, but other than that it's just another cute Japanese nail polish, nothing too fancy!

I love pink nail polishes, so I HAD to try out the pink haha! It's a really nice colour! I do like it! The consistency of this one was great too, very milky! I don't like nail polishes that when you paint, they show a colour or lines underneath. It's not as thick ya see. Though this one was brilliant for that! These are 2 layers!

As for the nude one, I LOVE nude colours for nails too! Though this one was a tiny bit too peachy for me, which ok. Not really a big deal, though when I put it on, it made my skin colour look even more olive! I'm a NC20 and can tend to lean towards the yellow/Olive skin tones rather than Pinky, though this didn't match well with my skin tone!! Made me look all yellow and green ahah!!

So here it is on the nail, like I said didn't match the skin tone at all haha! It kinda knocked out my nude skin ahahah, So like I said I like quite thicker, opaque nail polishes, though this one wasn't as good as the pink one? Wha?! You'd think they'd be the same right haha! Oh no no, it's not! As you can see, you can slightly see my nail colour underneath. So this one was a major let down!

Overall, I wont be collecting these haha, or even getting anymore at all really. I think there are more nail polishes out there that I should find! These get all my marks for cuteness, but not for practicality! Too pricey too for the size haha x

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