Friday, 18 January 2013

Nail No Nos! For me!

OK! So this is my post about nails that are TOO MUCH for me! I do love OTT nails and very long stiletto claws, deco nails, you name it! BUT! What nails would I actually say no to?
Here they are!

We all know I LOVE stiletto nails and I would so go to this length of nail, so this one is a 100% yes from me!

Same here, this is about as long as I'd go! Not much longer than these!!

Now we know what I can go for, let's find out what I'd say no to!

1) OVERLY LONG NAILS! The kind you can do day to day work! These are just too long!!
I'd maybe go half the length of these bad boys! Though these would make it impossible for me to live!

Same here, way too long, I'd only need half the length of these!

2) Extra short French Mani nails! I'm not a big fan of French mani, although I don't mind it! WHEN I DO MIND IT! Is when the white tip is MUCH bigger than the actual natural nail colour, I really don't like this!! Thick ass white strips and a tiny natural pink, urgh!! Looks so tacky to me!

This is what French Mani is meant to look like!!!!

3) Duck Nails! I don't know where these came from, but I know I want nothing to do with them! I hate thick nails, this is just a kick in the face thick ass nails lol! They look nasty! Not my thing! If you like them, then go for it! Just it's not for me that's for sure!

4) Extreme short nails! The kind that you can't see! I don't mind natural short nails, though really short nails is a no no for me. Especially here, when you're trying to paint in a tip, when there's clearly no tip?

5) Bubble Nails! Wowza! These look so freakin weird! When I was a little girl, I got bored one time, and painted my nails with ALL the nail polishes I could find, layer after another layer. It started to grow higher and higher as the layers went on, then started to look pretty disgusting, like there were boils on my fingers. Pretty icky! These remind me of that! Where the nail is popping out of its place! Too much!!

6) Curved Nails, I don't mind a slight curve, but recently there's been a lot of OVERLY curved nails going around! Like they're sinking towards the ground! This is one Mani you'll never catch me getting in a lifetime!

So weird! How would you go about your life with overly curved nails? Too curvy for me!

7) Matte Nails,  I don't really see what the hype is for matte nails. I really like shiny nails! When I see matte nails they look like they've been painted on with acrylic paint? Or like some really cheap paints! Plus they dry lumpy if you don't put them on perfectly, if its not on even, it shows!!!

See, I love this design because of the contrast! I love the chic to this, ONLY because it has that shine! It doesn't look dull or cheap to me!

Matte Glitters are ok too, they look pretty. Shiny glitter, is always good!

8) Caviar nails  I don't know why these are big? It's just weird to me? Why would you want fish eggs on your nails? Thats it? I work with a lot of fish eggs when making sushi, but seriously. I prefer my fish eggs on food and not on my nails thanks! What's next??? I bet you they're gonna do Veg nails, or dairy nails, CHEESE NAILS! hahhahaa, anything food related! Haha, painting foods on your nails is ok, but actual wanting the food on your nail? Just don't like the design, looks like the eggs easily fall off anyways, messy!

Anyone got any nail no nos you want to share? I'd love to know what you think you would never try! x


Jenny Austria said...

all on your list is a no no to me.
you should put the chipped nails too.because many woman leave their nail polish for a month or 2 before they change it. believe me it happens. when im telling them that your nail polish is chipped and it is a month old nail polish they told me im just o.c. who wants to see chipped nails? so gross! especially if its black. it looks like a booger
p.s. i love your blog music

Unknown said...

Fantastic list! The only thing you left out is nails not all being the same length, but otherwise beautifully manicured. What's up with that?!? *shudder*

Scarlett said...

Hi Megan
WOW these are amazing! I love the matte black with the shiny tips rather like a negative of a French manicure. I have a gold false nail that fits my little finger with a diamond in the centre that I wore when I got married many moons ago. Rather tame compared to these though! Your Swapbot partner MummySew

Katrina Alana said...

I really enjoyed this post. I don't think I would go for all the styles you listed except for the French tip. I like the classic one you showed where the nails are short. I've even seen French tip on toes and I don't get why anyone would want to do that.

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