Friday, 15 February 2013

Contact Lens, which to choose!?

So It's that time this year to buy some new contact lens!!
I have 2 pink ones I need to review! Those will come soon!
I need some help in making a decision in which ones to buy
Here's a list of a few I'm liking, but I only really need maybe 5 pairs!!
Which 5 are the best?

1) I have had my eyes one these for a while!!

2) These brown ones, but with a black ring on the outside?

3) I think I'll get these ANYWAYS because I LOVE bold bright grey eyes!!

4) I love BOLD eyes, and prefer contacts to be LESS natural! The more fake doll looking the better haha! I've had the blue ones in these, but I much prefer brown!!

5) I love pink lens, but I don't want cosplay ones, are these ok? Bold but do they look cosplay like?

6) I love light grey eyes, and have seen that these ones are quite popular?

7) Cute pink lens, but not too bold? Black ring too!


Princess Marie said...

Where are the 2nd ones from? said...

I love the grey ones, I would love to try them! I had brown ones for a while, it was awesome, I really liked wearing them, and a surprising amount of people actually noticed that something was different. Now that I'm wearing glasses I could buy any kind I wanted without having to think of whether or not I'll be able to see with them :D

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