Monday, 22 March 2010

Happy Birthday Mr President

Yay!! Happy Birthday my twin, myself & my mum^^
I can tell you this, I dont feel any different, I simply never feel any change. Never mind!
A day full of wonderful sweet cakes and pretty smiling faces^^I still think that it looks like im holding pooh bears head on a stick like a lolli pop (`^`)//
Anyways more birthday updates later as this week is full of nice surprises!
Dont think I'll be blogging tomorrow as I'm off to France!!
We do that a lot, just go to another country for a few days hehe
This time its France, and we may just even head into Belgium^^
I think maybe next time round will be Korea^^ that will be for a week or so hehe
Ill try and update as much as i can ne~x


maz elizabeth said...

happy birthday to yourself and your family, i hope you have an amazing day and get all of the things you wanted. xoxo

Serena said...

Happy Birthday!!! OoOoOO... Have fun in France, lucky girl. I wish I could travel so much. =]

rosanguyen said...

What a great birthday as you're going off to FRANCE! Have fun and wish everyone else a great birthday :)

minna ♥ said...

Happy Birthday cookie :)
I hope you have a wonderous time in france (jealous he he he)

maxine alice said...

happy birthday honeybeeee ^^ xxxxx

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

happy birthday dearest girl (and your sister too).

it's mine today. lovely day isn't it? :)

Ken said...

aww so cute~!

≈ Jennifer said...

Happy birthday! Such a lovely post & you two are so gorgeous!! xx

priincess said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAYY! hope you have a great one! you are so cutee!

tiffany said...

aaaah you have such a cute blog!! i love it!

xo tiffany

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