Wednesday, 24 March 2010

G&G BGT Blue Contacts

More contacts arrived today!
Diameter 14.0mm
I dont mind whether these will make my eyes look bigger
I purely wanted really bright blue contacts
I like my contacts looking very bright and opaque, even if they look 100% fake
I dont like contacts that dont show up so I dont buy Geo Nudy
This is how the order came ^^
Baby pink hippo hehehe
These are the contacts
They are very bright blue, sky colour blue!
This is in natural pinky light~x
They show up loads and look VERY bright on dark eyes!
I love!
Natural sunlight
Sorry if these are blurry x
White light, it looks a little dark here but they are actually VERY light!
Without contact lenses
This is with and without!
As you can see the blue is very bright
In natural sunlight they are very very light!
I shall be taking more pictures soon!

It makes your eyes a little bigger
The blue shows up a lot on darker eyes
Very comfortable
Very bright!
Doesn't make your eyes a lot bigger
but these are 14.0mm so they are made to^^
I will get more and more images soon!
But i would 100% recommend these if you like very bright looking contact lenses!


DSK Steph said...

the contact case is so cute!

Jing said...

they really does make your eyes bigger =)

you are cute!

Rena said...

Oooh! You should enter my Circle Lens Giveaway here:

<33 Rena

P.S. Follow ME & I'll follow YOU!

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