Thursday, 25 March 2010

Ichigo Lace Nails

Elegant Pretty Lace Nails!
Done by me!
Also these are my real nails, I do not like acrylic nails sorry!
I love them! So pretty!! With the cute strawberry eheheh^^
Sorry if the nail polish is a little messy hehe

Hope you liked! xxx More designs up soon!


Jing said...

your nail design is so cute!

Vivian said...

aahw so cute<3
i love nailart haha

Yu! said...

They are so cute!<3
I wanna have! (.__. )

Psu said...

Wowwww they're super cute! I love the lace!
I love painting my nails, too, but now I'm working in an ice cream parlour so I have to wear them super-short ;____; I'm saaaad lol

So you're a fashion student? Me too! I would looove to study in London! (L)

Sorry for my baaaaaaaad English ._.

chinsa said...

wow sooo cute nails ! *u*

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