Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lush Giveaway!

Lush sample giveaway!
There are 20 samples altogether!
This is only a small giveaway
but its my first hehe!
I will be doing alot more in the future
These are all the lush samples!
They include:
The Joy of Jelly Shower jelly
RETRO Blue skies shower gel
Rockstar soap
Big Blue Bath ballistic
Rare Milky bar soap
2 Rare Cherry Tree Soaps
Rare Snowcake Soap
Sakura Bath Ballistic
Rare Gratis Violet soap
Sultana soap
Porridge Soap
Rare Cocktail Guest soap
Handy Gurugu hand cream
Karma Cream
Each Peach Two's a pear massage bar
Heavanilli massage bar
2 Karma soaps
Limited Edition Full size Angels delight Moon soap!!


moni said...

nice blog.. following u now :)

Mara said...

if i could create a lush product, it will be a foot exfoliator + moisturizer! :)

thanks for hosting this giveaway! i'm also hosting one at my blog!

Wehaf said...

I would do a facial exfoliator and acne treatment with an almond and jasmine scent. It would be soothing and moisturizer and leave your skin feeling baby soft and calm.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Donkuri said...

cute things!

maz elizabeth said...

oh i love your blog so much. i love lush and the enviromentally-friendly messages they get across... if i were to create a lush product, i would make it a true representative of me. if would be a bath melt, i think, with lots of gold sparkles and little stars that melted into bubbles, and tinted the water a pretty peachy colour. and the bubbles would sparkle like they'd just been cut from a piece of moonbeam. & the smell of summer and dreams would float from the bath.

dear, this is an adorable idea. my email is


Joanna said...

hmm new lush product... a sweet smelling nail polish! ♥


maxine alice said...

I would create a white bubble bar made from white irridescent glitter, it smells like lavender, elderflower, lemon & peppermint and it would be called polar bear (it would also be in the shape of one!) and then 20% of all purchases would be donated to climate change to save the polar bears!

rosanguyen said...

If I could create a lush product, it'd be a hand moisturizer which would have a smooth texture and have a light green tea aroma. :)
I don't know that might be weird but its still would be nice.

「 Thy Lady 」 said...

Am following you ! You & your twin sis are so pretty ! I love both of your blogs ! And entered both giveaways ! Which are both so lovely ! :)

I would create a pomegrante + jasmine body wash ! Mmmm that would smell so divine ! :)

added your blog to my blogs list ! xx

xx Jennifer.

P.S. Happy Birthday to you & your sis, it's almost here ! :) hurrah my birthday was on the 11th of March! :D

bethykins said...

i think that i would make something simple yet sweet, a milky bath bomb that leaves your skin smooth to the touch and sparkling to the eyes :)
something to make you feel special ^__^

thankyou for letting me enter! xxxx

SOAP said...

I create a blogging account just to enter this contest x) I guess that's how much I love LUSH!

Hmm,if I had the choice to make my own LUSH product, it would definitely be something that smells fruity and is the shape/color of something I'm currently obsessed with.

So maybe, It'd be a bath bomb with the smell arranging from strawberries, to cherry, raspberry, pomegranate...infused with moisturizers to leave the skin soft of course, and be in the shape of a white teapot. As it fizzes in the tub, a range of small red hearts, diamonds and black spades and clovers. Because Alice in Wonderland is my current obsession :))

Oh, great, now I really wish I could make my own product lol.

Good luck to the winner.

My email is:

dizzy_girl001 said...

I would either create solid room fragrances, like the solid perfumes - in all the best selling scents: HIWTK; Snow Fairy; The Comforter; Karma; Sakura etcetc that came in a little reusable, flower shaped container with holes in that let the scent through!
I would love it if Lush make these, just so I could smell it all day everydayyyyyy!
My email address is -

Monster Girl said...

Ooh, I'd invent a vanilla and honey scented exfoliating oatmeal milk bath product :)

and my email is:

Amanda said...

Hello from a new follower :)

I think Lush should create a range of facial scrubs based on favourite desserts/puddings. I have images of apple pie scrub and key lime scrub both with little bits of biscuit-like scrubbiness and wonderfully tangy fragrances.

Hmm, how about strawberry shortcake too?

I'm going to run away now, I'm getting to hungry just thinking up ideas!


Meowcake said...

Lush eyecream! Definitely!

Jewelry Artisan: Harjot said...

OOoooh I am so in!!

If I could create a lush product. it would be a product for the people with Eczema(exaMPLe:ME) I would create a butter milk bubble bath, with a little bit of Lavendar. The scent of flowers is also calming. Lavender is especially known for it's calming qualities.

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