Wednesday, 17 March 2010

G&G BGT Grey Contact Lens

G&G BT Grey
I got my order from
The Diameter is 14.0mm
Im don't mind if its a bigger lens, for this I only really wanted bright grey eyes!
I have tried Geo nudy series and I find that these are much brighter
I love contacts that make your eyes really stand out so these were so ideal~x
They're now in my own contacts case^^
This is how the order came^^
Free with the cute PINK (I love) froggy contacts case

They dont really look too opaque when you look at them but I only really like opaque contacts so I have stopped buying Geo Nudy series because they weren't as opaque for me.
These were suprisingly opaque, not completely 100% but they did change my eye colour a lot!

This is in natural sunlight, so it's a little dark, but my natural eye colour is dark brown. It did cover my natural eye colour which I liked. It was comfortable aswell! There were some parts of the day where I completely forgot I had contacts in!

This is in white light and I would say that this is actually how bright the contacts were normally. The other close ups have hardly any light so this I would say is the closest colour!
Without the contact lens. Natural colour in white light.

I am sorry if this freaks you out, but here is with and without the contacts.

It makes your eyes a little bigger
The grey shows up a lot on darker eyes
Very comfortable
Very cute doll look but also natual looking

The grey isn't very light (more darker grey)
Doesn't make your eyes much bigger
Left:Without Right:With
I'll try and get more images of me wearing them!
They are my everyday natural looking contacts! So I should be able to get more images!
I would recommend these not for the 100% Dolly eye look but for more natural cute eyes
Hope this helped!


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Jin Nguyen said...

where did you purchase these babies ? They look really nice on .

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