Sunday, 21 March 2010

New Hair colour!!

New Summer Hair colour!

Its not as red as it looks~x

I dyed it strawberry blonde (Of all colours)

Though my hair was normally Darkest Brown

It took about 2-4 dyes to come to the colour now!
After first 2 dyes:

Pleaase excuse the messy untreated hair!

Natural Sunlight

Camera Flash

Overall colour without flash 2 dyes

After another 2 dyes with strawberry Blonde

This is now what it looks like

Natural sunlight

I couldn't descide whether it was more red, but it somehow changesTT^TT

So I called it Strawberry Brown hehehe

I just hope it gets lighter and lighter from the sun!^^

1 comment:

Meowcake said...

I can't ever find hair dye that suits my hair. Because it's so long. And also because it's thin and the roots and thick in the rest so it dyes quicker in my roots than the rest. I always have to start from the ends. And still there is no dye that will get my hair light enough!

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