Friday, 9 April 2010

Etude House Mini Haul

Just a mini haul of 2 quick items today!
Been all around London again today and a trip to Portobello Market
I'm looking forward to getting some sleep!
Ok first is the Etude House Pink Eyelash Curlers
Ive been meaning to get some eyelash curlers for ages!!!
These were my first choice, no doubt I may buy a few more different ones
Though this one will be my first!
Its super cute! Super pink!
Then the Etude House BB Magic Cream
I already have a lot of BB creams I know, but i keep buying more and more
I always want to know the difference between them all!
So I bought this one, in shade 01.
It's smaller than I thought and smaller than my other BB creams
This one is for oily skin which is great for me as my skin is super oily
As soon as this arrived I had to test it against my other BB creams
I found that this one is for a warmer skin tone, as my skin is a lot colder
When I say that i mean Red Or Yellow, though I dont like to say it is more red or more yellow
Because they're not the right colours!
This one has more of a pinky colour to it, not too dark but not as light as my other BB creams
Ill deffo be comparing all my BB creams so more blog posts on the way!!
I also went to Lush today stocked up a bit on some bits
so Lush haul post soon^^
Thanks for dropping by!
Sorry this was very quick! I just really want to sleep!
This post was more a 'quick post then sleep!'
I have so many blog posts that I just never get the time to post!!!
Loads of images! Just never the time to post anything!
But I'll try and keep updated, and soon I wont have to backtrack all my days!!


Dragonfly said...

Love those pink eyelash curlers!

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

<3 the pink eyelash curlers!!! ooohhh i've got the blue BB Magic cream i <3 this more than the other more popular BB cream that they selling =)

Mimi said...

I know the curlers are super cute^^
Ahh then I'll be expecting good things then heheh xx

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