Thursday, 8 April 2010

Etude House Dream on Base No.01

Etude House Dream On Base
Ok so I bought this back in Asia, from the Etude House shop ^^
First off I love the bottle, the shape is amazing
Their packaging is always cute!
This is a base/concealer in green
It covers obv red!

Ok for the colour it's great!
Perfect green, not too light or dark!
BUT! If you like natural looking makeup this is NOT for you!
It is very thick! Creamy and soft but thick!
The cream texture glides well but the cream itself is very thick
If you are finding it hard to stop that cakey look, then dont turn to this!
I do love it! But I dont think it's the best for natural looking makeup
You might be able to see the cream, this is only one swatch
With a concealer brush it is very thick!
I advise to use a sponge as it wont be as thick on the face or brush.
Ok!!! So Bad for natural makeup! Good for heavy coverage!
(If you really need a bit of help this is great for 100% coverage for redness!)
Ok, so happy red face cover test time!!!This is a swatch over the red happy face
As you can see it's amazing coverage!
The swatch was taken from the other swatch so its not as thick,
However I still feel that it is very thick, especially if its going under foundation
Which would make it a lot more thicker
So It isnt the best for natural looking makeup where you look like you dont have any makeup on
This is a base where you can trust it will cover up amazingly
But i would only recommend it for emergency use!! hehe
Say if you have really red blemishes this would surely smooth everything out
Though this is a NO NO for everday concealer!

Hope This helped! xxxx

Oh!!!! And on another note! Whilst I was in London today seeking out the last place that sold Lula magazine Pooh Bear & I bumped into Pete Doherty or as he likes to be called now Peter Doherty. Mhh! Random! He's much taller than I imagined him to be but I've met a lot of famous people and they always turn out to be either a lot smaller than I imagined or a lot taller! Anyways we found the last Lula magazine and bought it hehe x Happy endings x


kittycat said...

i looove the bottle, so cute!

i just bought the lula mag, cant wait to read it!

xo tiffany

jellytelly said...

neat shall try it then next time though but is really very thick in texture O_o

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