Thursday, 15 April 2010

LimeCrime Makeup for Space.NK & LUSH

Hey! Exciting news!
Lime Crime makeup is now in Space.NK In the UK!
You can now buy the loooovely bright lipsticks!
My trip to covent Garden today ended up in meeting the lovely
maker of Lime Crime makeup Doe Deere
She's absolutely amazing, very sweet very nice!
I spent hours and hours there talking to her and trying on all the lipsticks
Im so happy now that it's in the UK yay!
Ive always been a big fan so im sooo happy I can get it in the UK now ^^
And to meet her was amazing!
We took loads of pictures hehe so they should be up soon ^^
Also Eyeshadows should be in pretty soon too!
This is her blog if you want to see
Also stay intouch with her blog and her updates as she is going to annouce Unicorn Day!
She is the maker of
She's so pretty isn't she!?
My #1 favourite is D'Lilac
It was so nice talking to her and trying everything out ^^
I will deffo be hauling so much soon! hehe
She signed her tutorial card for me hehehe
Hopefully soon ill get to see the images of part of her London Tour soon hehe
Mimi Today:
Making more bows tonight as Pooh Bear has given me her mini table
Need to sew a lot of things for my room!
Also I need to buy my makeup storage
Just need to fix the car TT^TT
So many things to do!!!!
Lush Think Pink Hatbox
This one has:
Yummy Yummy Yummy
Rock Star Soap
Fair Trade Foot Lotion
Helping Hands
Flosty Gritter
The Comforter
Ring Of Roses
Sex Bomb
Melting Marshmellow Moments
Creamy Candy
Think Pink
Yay! Cant wait to test them all out!
Not as if i have already hehe
But this time I'll be sure to do reviews!!!!!
I love them because theyre all made with love and extra special^^
Also Pooh Bear and I love playing with the 'potato puff puffs'
Hehe Spring Flowers and Summer Sun!! ^_____________^
Been wearing my handmade bow today, Its for sale along with more bows at Little Rainy Days
Hope you like ^^ xxxxxxxxxxx


Naka said...

i love ur hair ^^ and great haul :3

and ive seen lime crime makeup on la carmina i love the packaging :3

KC said...

love the haul! =D

rosanguyen said...

Woah awesome present from Lush. The products look great :O

Cheryl Clarke said...

your eyes look so great!

i follow you now; check out my blog and feel free to follow me.

Mimi said...

Thank you ^^
I can't wait to do reviews on them all they're all so pretty and pink!
I LOVE the foot cream
PERFECT PINK COLOUR!!!!! >3< xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Before so quickly advertising for Doe Deere, do you realize she was accused of repackaging make up and then inflating the price?

LabelLover32 said...

I just ordered some Lime Crime lipstick =) Thanks for posting about it!

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