Tuesday, 13 April 2010

What Life has been doing lately

Just another post to let you all know im still alive! hehe
Ive been buying a lot of tea lately!
My recent visit to Covent Garden was spent not only in Lush but in The Tea House
Its a nice shop full of amazing tea!
I love tea as it is, Jasmine and Sakura tea!
Yum! These were just recently bought and I just know they'll run out soon!
I think i need a place just to store all my tea!
I also want a little tea set for one
Though Pooh Bear told me that it couldnt be a tea party if there was just a set for one
Which is true, so a tea set for two!
Better picture of the G&G Blue contacts
VERY bright arent they?
Also I had to quickly take this picture
as I wanted to eat it up quickly!!
New online shop!
Its a pretty site where you can buy or design your own dresses/accessories/skirts
They have pretty shapes and bodices! Lovely lace and bows!
There are so many styles to choose from!
Super cute!

The fabric choice is really great too! Strawberries, roses, musical notes EVERYTHING! So pretty and so many colours!

You can choose your own lace too! So pretty! Take a look! You'll fall inlove with it hehehehe! They have such a cute website too!

Check it out ^___________________^



Naka said...

awh ur contacts are so cute ^^
i was about to buy some a couple of days ago butt he shop keeper couldn't gunrantee it would be okay for sensitive eyes :(

cute post and blog ^^

kittycat said...

that is the cutest store everrr!!

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