Saturday, 10 April 2010

Mac Collections Yay Or Nay?

All Ages, All Races, All Sexes
I really loved this collection as it was all about Nude colours!

In the End I didn't see much that I liked really TT^TT
The only thing that I bought was Equality, the lightest Nude lipstick
I love it! My new fave lipstick! It's the lightest nude lipstick I own atm!
It's a lustre so it doesn't have LOADS of colour, though I think i like it better that way
It looks more natural, rather than looking like you have concealer on your lips
It looks like you have very light nude pale lips^^
Very smooth and creamy I love it!

Warm & Cosy
Yet another amazing Nude collection ^^ YAY
I did love this collection, the only thing i would say is that the nudes were too dark for meT^T
I like my nude colours to match my skin colour, and as I'm quite pale I'm NC15-NC20-NC25 depending if it's winter, Normal weather Or Summer ^^
So the nudes I wear have to be fairly light!
This collection didnt really do that for me so never mind

I did however end up buying one lipglass in Feeling Dreamy!
I love the colour, not as light as i had liked it to be
But its very cute and very nude
A slight Tint in it so it gives a little colour to your lips ^^

Spring Colour Forecast
Before this collection came out I was sure that I would have bought LOADS of items
because this is such a large collection
However when it did come out I was shocked!
I didn't really like a lot of things from this collection TT^TT




I think I'll only buy Almondine Lipglass from #4
It's the only thing I like from this collection really =/
Its light and very pretty!
I shall buy this as soon as I can^^
Give me Liberty Of London
I love love love the packaging to this collection
Though it makes me giggle because Liberty in London don't sell Mac
hehe nvm
I saw this collection and didn't like anything in it! At all!
Sorry Mac but this collection is a Nay for me!
Cute packaging though!

This is a long post^^
Ill do another post with the newer mac collections later

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Ken said...

the girl in the eskimo hat is pretty hot~

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