Monday, 12 April 2010

Welcome Dear Summer

Summer is almost here! ^^
Just some cute things this summer that makes me excited!
New Paul & Joe Make up collection
I know I'm a little bit late on this one, but I dont actually want to buy anything from this collection
I love Paul & Joe, but the colours of the makeup in this collection isn't as pretty as the packaging
Very cute!
This Spring collection is very sweet, Also im inlove with the cherry blossoms
My absolute favourite! Well done Paul & Joe!
Too bad the makeup colours aren't as amazing as the packaging
I would like a bite of a pink macaroon though
MMhh the Fantasy and Daydream collection

On another note, I just want to introduce another cute website/brand
Jesus Diamante
I've known this brand for a while, however never really looked into the clothing or website
It's really cute!!
More Hime Gyaru than Lolita But very pretty!
Not particularly my favourite cup of tea but very sweet!
Pretty Pinks and off whites, gathers and ruffles, Fur and Lace!
They have a wide range of Kawaii Hime items!
Take a look!


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Nessa said...

Tienes un blog muy bonito y completo, mis felicitaciones. ^^

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