Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Busy busy busy!
I must have sewn about 100 bows and hearts and god knows what these past few days
Eek I can't wait to show all the stuff!
I just know you're all going to love it!
Cheap items too yay! But that means we have to make a lot!!
Just Pooh Bear and I all day sewing!
Urgh my Bach is aching TT^TT (i love Bach)
hehehehe >.>

Also! UPDATE!!! I'm thinking that I should start posting a lot more about cosmetics!
As I could be doing a lot more posts hohoho
Just been crazy busy! So let's hope the wind has brought me me back home
Cupcake heaven tomorrow, and book shops


Jing said...

i would love to see the bows youve made =)

Makeup Mama said...

Hi mimi, I'm sorry, the nyx pencils have been been spoken for already, but if it falls through you'll be the next to know :)

Anonymous said...

Let's seee :)

kittycat said...

aaw cannot wait! when are you showing it all ^_^
cupcake heaven? ummmm that sounds so amazing!! and book shops are obviously lovely.

have a good day, love

xo tiffany

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