Sunday, 27 June 2010

Momoko's Super Swap!

I did a huge swap with Dina (Momoko) !!
This is her blog! Check her out~x
Anyways we did a huge swap and this is what I got in the swap^^
Kawaii Letter sets, stickers, phone charms, stationary, Loads!

I adore kawaii stationary, I collect a lot of things! Including Kawaii memo sheets and stickers! Letter sets too! So I got LOADS of papers, letter & kawaii stickers!

Deco den peices! I make a lot of decoden hehe! So I swapped for some cute deco peices, Also some Kawaii deco tape!
Haha! I love these! Its a letter/memo sheet box. You store all your papers in this cute little box! Also some heart sunnies! As I LOVE sunnies hehe!

I so love these! Some deco nail art stuff! I'm always finding new things to make hehe and new nails are always being made! So these were great! Also a fluffy phone charm, I'm thinking it's a dog, but I might be wrong haha. Cute strawberry cake eraser and a lovely pink chair necklace! Also, haha! I love boho items, I love feathers. So we traded a braided feather headband! Hehe I'm just a hippie at heart haha!

Some more nail art! Makeup samples as I collect them as well! Make up brush as I'm ALWAYS buying more! Kawaii highlighter and eraser! Also a cute cupcake face towl.

So many things!! Thank you Momoko! Hope to swap again ehhe! I can't remember what I gave to her hahah! I think makeup, nail polish, hello kitty plushies & loads more hehe
I've started swapping in big amounts lately! So a lot of posts to come!


Naka said...

i love the heart glasses ^^ and great swap!!

rosanguyen said...

These are adorable!

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