Sunday, 27 June 2010

New Nails Of The Week! With Tutorial!

New Nails Of The Week!
Yep! I can't have the same nail polish for over a week hahaha! I just keep changing!! This time it's all about strawberries! Or Mushrooms I can't tell. They Look like both haha!
Yep they're my real nails, I don't wear fake nails. x

For this you will need: Red nail polish(Or pink), Green nail polish, white nail polish, Dotting Nail Pens, Nail Art Brushes, Clear nail polish (If you want)

Step 1: Simply paint your nails Red, 1 or 2 layers depending on the nail polish. I think 2 layers is best!

Step 2: Take your nail art brushes, and then with your green nail polish paint on the leaves. It's best if you have a good green nail polish. Unless it will get sticky and messy!

It should turn out like this!

Step 3: Take your dotting pen, apply or dip it into the white nail polish. Don't apply too much or it will just drop off T^T. Dot your nails with white spots. For the seeds of straberries! You can make them as close as you want ^^

Then you're done! You can clean up the edges if needed with nail polish! Hope you liked!


♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

wow nice nails! Makes me wanna eat some strawberries right now!

Naka said...

really cute u make it looks so simple ^^

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