Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sex Bomb!!

I really love the smell of Sex Bomb!
I think that it's so pretty aswell!
So I'm going to do a quick review!
The colour firstly is frothy and pale pink, but then it will turn your bath VERY PINK!
There will be white froth around it too when its exploding
Though they seem to fade away, and instead it will leave this layer of thin white snow
Ontop of your pink bath water!
Perfect!!! It smells amaaazing! Just how it does when you smell it in the shops
It's sweet! Not overpowering neither!
The rose will pop out too! Though Im glad it didnt melt away
It contains Jasmine which is very calming
I would say this was best for a relaxing bath
The rose is made from rice paper, so its natural
It does go a little soft in the water, maybe like a sponge
Don't try and rip it apart because it's very delicate!
It shouldn't come apart unless it has had loads of contact hehe
This bath bomb will leave your skin very soft!
The only bad thing I would say is that its like a one off thing
If you use it then you use it!
Its best off that way, if you have a big bath haha
Though if your not a huge bath fan then it might not be right for you
It would be a shame to use it completely and only bath quickly

I would say 10/10 because it's my new favourite!
Great colours too heheh


Naka said...

looks great ^^ I wanna try it :3

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to go out to the city and grab a bath bomb. :P

rosanguyen said...

I feel calm hearing the rose doesn't melt away too.

Emmelie ♥ said...

That is really pretty and I bet it smell heavens ♥

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