Thursday, 17 June 2010

What's In My Bag This Week

What's in my bag this week!
Well, I've started to send off lovely letters to lovely people
This week has been very busy, I've been modelling Lolita and filming Fashion TV
I came home one night from working so much and saw what was in my bag
I didn't realise that I had all this lovely stuff!
So it was descided!! I must do this post!!!

In my bag: (From Left to Right) Letters to lovely people, Eraser set (Just incase I wrote something wrong on the letters), Hello Kitty Purse, Hello Kitty Phone/Camera, White & Pink Thread (Given to me after a photoshoot), Kawaii Pink ducky tape (To seal letters with), Benefit Get Even Blotting Powder, Mac Heatherette Bonus Beat Lipgloss, My Deco phone, Diamond shape clear gems (Given to me after photoshoot), Pearl stickers, Heart Earrings, Hello Kitty Key Ring with secret lolli pop inside, Fake Pink Rose (I took this from the photoshoot), Bag from Asia. If you want the brand please feel free to ask^^ ~x
I thought it was odd but I loved it! A lot of this stuff was just things I picked up during the day.
I only really took out the basics with me like purse, phone, camera, letters, stationary, makeup
I don't usually do 'What's in my bag' posts
Though I when I saw what I had in my bag after working I knew I had to post it!
I thought it would make others smile, also I had some beautiful memories that day too.
Also new layout on my blog! I wanted it bigger hehehe!
To me it's all or nothing ;3 xxxx


Naka said...

i love your bag and it's lovely contents ^^

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

wow! i've never seen so much hello kitty stuff in one purse--it's like your personal sanrio!

doing fashion tv? how cool!

minniekay said...

the stuff in ur bag are all so cute!
i love hello kitty n_n

Marie said...

Aww sweet i love all the lil items in your bag, and may i ask who your modelling for? must be so much fun

Marie said...

aww i love the lil items, and cool, who are you modelling for?

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